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If your car is whistling you might want to check you pcv valve.

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Q: Why does your car whistle?
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What would cause a car to whistle when pushing the gas?

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Why does my car not start only makes a whistle like noise.?

sometimes a whistle sound is from a vacuum leak. Look for any hoses that may have come off. I am not sure there is a big enough vacuum leak that would prevent the car from starting, I am jsut going off your sound definition.

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Why does your car not start only makes a whistle like noise?

If you attempt to start your car and a 'whistle' noise is likely the Bendix on the starter spinning, spinning very fast because it has not come out of the it's housing and meshed with the flywheel gears. "Bendix" is a brand name for the starter drive.

Why does car whistle when to turn in a curve and it continues to whistle until you apply your brake?

You might have a belt loose, which is more of a squeaking noise than a whistle. If it's a very clear whistling noise, there is something wrong with your brakes. The shoes may be rubbing, the pads may be worn down. I'd get it checked out.

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