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most cats do not do that. i think ur cat just needs some training.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-16 10:48:12
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Q: Why does your cat use the bathroom on you while you are asleep?
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Where does your cat use the bathroom?

In a litter box.

How do you train a cat to use the litterbox?

You can train the cat to use the litterbox if you bring it to it often when it is a kitten. Also they will go to the bathroom anywhere they can hid it. They will go the the bathroom in laundry too. Spraying is different from going to the bathroom. So if you have a male cat it could be spraying to mark its territory.

How do you stop urinating while sleeping?

right before u go to sleep use the bathroom and while ur sleep if u have to use the bathroom go to the bathroom!

How do you know when a cat has to use the restroom?

You will know when a cat has to go to the bathroom because it will relieve itself. It is unlikely that a cat would actually use a restroom.

Cat a cat kill you while you are asleep?

no(The cat isn't going to kill you until he can figure out how to use the can opener, then you're done for)Yes because cats think all people are threats. (They can get run over by cars and everything.)

What should you do if your cat had a bad pooping experience in the litter box and is now scared of it?

You could train it to use outside as a bathroom. Just bring it outside to use the bathroom every once and while until it knows to use outside as the bathroom. Or just get a new litter box, completely different from the last one.

Do cats paws fall asleep?

Cat paws can fall asleep. This can happen due to cut off circulation of blood flow to the paw. There is no reason to be concerned unless the cat does not regain normal use of the paw.

Do foopets use the bathroom?

You can when you walk your dog, but you can not when see it when your cat is using the litter box.

What can make your wife horny while she asleep?

Creative use of the tongue

How do you send yourself a cat and hide it from your mom?

That's up to you where to hide it. But make sure it(the cat) has food water and a place to use the bathroom.

How do you use the word knitting in a sentence?

Grandma fell asleep while knitting.

How do you get cats to use the litter tray?

To get a cat to use its litter tray you place them in the litter box when you first bring the cat home. Then you let them stay in there until they are ready to leave. Then the cat will know the scent of the litter box and will go there when it has to use the bathroom.

Can you use paralyze a Pokemon while it is asleep?

No, you can't. If you want to paralyze a Pokemon, it has to be awake.

Can you use the bathroom or may you use the bathroom?

the correct term is may I use the bathroom

Can you use the bathroom while driving?

No it's not possible unless you have a toilet in your car

The difference between bathroom and private bathroom?

Private bathroom-> this is only for a single person. He will use it and no one can use that. Bathroom-> It will be general bathroom every body can use it.

How do sharks use the bathroom?

they swim and use the bathroom

Is is bad when your cat doesnt use the bathroom?

yes it means somethings wrong with the cats digestive system or excretory system

How does Feliway Spray work for cats?

Feliway Spray works for cats by making the cat not want to use the bathroom in the areas in which the spray was applied. This spray acts as a repellent from cats using the bathroom.

Is it normal for a newly adopted cat to not use the bathroom for nearly a day He seems to be adjusting fine otherwise Just hasn't gone to the bathroom at all?

Yes, that is completely normal. When I got my cat, she didn't go to the bathroom for two days. They just need time adjusting to the new habitat. Don't worry, your cat will be fine. If she doesn't go in 4 or 5 days, then see a nearby vet.

Do snakes use the bathroom?

snakes use the bathroom with there nose

Where do dogs use the bathroom?

they use the bathroom when they are taking a walk

Does the body use less oxygen while asleep or at rest?

Yes, but this may be different for some people.

How do Nascar drivers use the bathroom while racing?

Having to use the bathroom while in the car is not usually an issue. The heat inside the cars sometimes reaches as high as 150 degrees (hence the "fire suit"), so the drivers are more likely to dehydrate.

When you first got your cat she pooped in the litter box now she will just poop beside it what should you do?

Put your cat in the litter box off and on and when she starts to use the bathroom beside the litterbox.