Why does your central air smell like mold?

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2010-06-01 01:14:54

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It's time to change the Air filter in the unit.

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2010-06-01 01:14:54
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Q: Why does your central air smell like mold?
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Why Bad smell in portable air conditioner when cooling?

You probably have mold on the evaporator coil.

What does the air smell like and feel like in grassland?

Normal air..... Smell like you

Why when my air conditioner is off or my dehumidifier not working in crawl space my house gets this horrible smell but when the air comes back on or I clean the dehumidifier the smell goes away mold?

the air conditioner is a big dehumidifier. crawl space is getting wet. probably mold

Why can you smell ammonia when your central air conditioner is running?

there is a leak in the compressor...

What is that musty smell you smell when you enter your apartment?

It is probably mold growing inside the air conditioner, which blows out into the room. This is fairly common, especially if the humidity is relatively high in your area. If your carpets are damp, they too can harbor smelly mold.

Why does your new central air stink when on?

There might be mold inside the air shaft or there is something smelly near it and it's scent is being blown

Does flower pollen smell?

yes, you can smell it in the air. It smells like a smouldering burning smell.

When you run your central air conditioner the house ends up smelling like dirty feet There is no smell when you run the heater so it doesn't appear to be a vent problem We've checked the air condition?

there's actually a name for that and its called Dirty Sock Syndrom.. what causes it i believe is that the aircoditioner is not draining right and there is mold build up on the coils..

What should scuba air smell like?

Compressed air used for SCUBA should smell like regular air. There may be a slight rubber smell from the regulator. When in doubt, it is safer to get your tank refilled than to dive on contaminated air.

Does helium have a smell?

Helium is like air. It doesn't have a smell. But it tastes awful!

Why is my central air conditioner giving off a fishy smell?

dead mouse inside the furnace

Does mold release spores?

Yes mold, like fungi, breeds with the release of spores into the air. Many mold spores are poisoness to humans and that is why you dont want it in your house. ;)

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