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They love you and want your company.
Dogs follow their owners because they become attached to them and are attracted by their smell as well. Also, love for their owners is also into play as well.

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Q: Why does your dog follow you everywhere you go?
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Why does your dog always follow you everywhere you go?

he can smell that sausege that is in ur bum lol

What follow the dog everywhere?

His tail.

How can i get your dog to jump on the bed?

If your dog has a close enough bond to you, it will follow you everywhere you go, and if your bed is too high to reach, then I suggest you go train your dog to jump higher, which needs patience

Why does your dog follow everywhere you go?

Probably because he likes you a lot. I feed my dog everyday and she loves me for it so she shows it by being happy and following me.

Which two animals go with you everywhere?

a dog and a cat go with you everywhere

What would you do if you couldn't stand your bf's dog?

Urinate everywhere that the dog likes to go.

Do you have to on easy mode for Minecraft to have a dog?

you can be on any mode to have a dog, just have a few bones in your hand and right click on a wolf to tame it. it will follow you around everywhere.

What are the objectives for dogs trust?

they will follow you everywhere you go and never leave your side

How do you get past the part where you have to find the dog in the imagine fashion designer on PC?

Marty the dog is in the common room. You have to give him the dog toy (its a green ball that can be found in one of thecorridors. After that, walk out of the common room. He will follow you (NOTE : DO NOT SE THE MAP). Then go to the lift, and to the 20th floor. Again, Marty will follow you. Go into the Design Room and talk to Kim Doherty. She will want you to clean up the mess Marty has made in the common room (there are clothes thrown everywhere). I haven't gotten through this part yet.

How do you love a dog and how does a dog love you?

give your dog attention, shelter,noureshment, medicalcare , plenty of play time.Take them w/you everywhere you go, as much as u can and they will know they r loved.

How do you let your furry friend out of your backpack in bearville?

You can go to the gym, or to your cub condo, or just buy a virtual friend so it can follow you everywhere you go.

Why do owls follow me everywhere?

Sometimes Owls follow you. Sometimes not

Where is ever pet dog food made?

Everywhere... you can go to Dollar General, H.E.B., Wal-Mart etc.

Stop dog from chewing on stitches?

Measure your dog's neck. Go to a pet store and get an "Elizabethan collar" and follow the directions.

How do you stop an adult dog that lives outside from pooing everywhere in the backyard?

Dont get a dog! You go live outside and try pooing in the same place every day!

How do you get rid of someone who never leaves you alone?

if they follow you everywhere then go somwhere that person cannot go then go to the other exit then sneak away (if you have another answer then disscuss it)

What do you do when you are obsessed with a stranger?

you follow them everywhere.

Y does some dogs feel they need to follow there owners every where they go Even to bed?

Some dogs are very protective of their owners and attached to them. This is why some dogs feel they need to follow their owners everywhere they go even to bed.

Can you get a dog on red dead redemption?

yes there are dogs on red dead redemption but you cant own one but if you whistle by a dog the dog will follow you after a bit it will go back

How do you get a dog to follow you on Assassin's creed III?

you can't get a dog to follow it

How can you tell when your dog needs to pee?

If your dog is house train then it should either stand in front of the door, bark and move to the door, etc... If your dog is not house train then it will just go everywhere. Also, dogs like to sniff around to find a spot before they go.

Is a girl dog have a better temper then a boy dog?

yes if u get a female puppy she wont go absolutely crazy and go pee everywhere but if u have a male then yes he will(a puppy male not a grown up male dog)

Does a girl like you if she wants you to follow her everywhere?

Well, if she talks to you while you follow her everywhere, most likely yes. If she just pretends you're not there or treats you like an object, then no.

Where do you find a dog mate for your dog?

Anywhere.Male and female dogs are everywhere.

What does it mean if your dog is peeing everywhere?

The dog is marking it's territory. It's normal for a dog to do that.