Why does your eye view change when you cover one eye?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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When you look at any animal, it's easy to tell if the animal is a carnivore or an herbivore. If the eyes are on the side of the head, like a cow, it's a plant-eater. If the eyes are on the front of the head, like a dog, it's a meat-eater.

When the eyes are in the front of the head, both eyes can focus on the same object; that's called "binocular vision", and that's how we see in 3-D; our "depth perception". For an animal like a horse or a deer, the eyes point in different directions; they can't see in 3-D, but they DO have an excellent field of view - the better to see the predators coming.

We humans see in 3D, and our eyes point to the front. If we cover one eye, we lose any depth; it's more difficult to judge distances. We can't play catching games nearly as well.

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Q: Why does your eye view change when you cover one eye?
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