Why does your eye view change when you cover one eye?


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When you look at any animal, it's easy to tell if the animal is a carnivore or an herbivore. If the eyes are on the side of the head, like a cow, it's a plant-eater. If the eyes are on the front of the head, like a dog, it's a meat-eater.

When the eyes are in the front of the head, both eyes can focus on the same object; that's called "binocular vision", and that's how we see in 3-D; our "depth perception". For an animal like a horse or a deer, the eyes point in different directions; they can't see in 3-D, but they DO have an excellent field of view - the better to see the predators coming.

We humans see in 3D, and our eyes point to the front. If we cover one eye, we lose any depth; it's more difficult to judge distances. We can't play catching games nearly as well.


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cover each eye independently to test.

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When a light is shinned into one eye, the pupil of the other eye will not change. The only change that will happen is to the eye that has the light in it, the pupil will get smaller.

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You cover one lens of your binoculars to see by a different piont of view/prespective.

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type into Google: "would you please show me a birds eye view of (insert place you require a birds eye view of here) please your majesty, because i love you". I'm sure his majesty will give you one. :))))

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