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Why does your fudge not set?


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The most likely reason is that you did not cook it for long enough, and it did not reach a high enough temperature. Cook to the soft ball stage (it forms a soft ball when dropped into water).

Fudge is very tricky to make. After it reaches the soft to medium ball stage (when dropped into water, it will be soft to medium soft ball when rolled in fingers), it should be set into a sink of cold water (approx 3-4 inches) to help the cooling down stage for 12 minutes. Remove from sink of water and add vanilla or maple extract (extract helps to thicken also) and beat with electric beater approx 5 minutes or so, on high until it starts to lose it's high gloss. Then quickly pour into buttered pan and it will be done.


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i think it helps if you put it in the fridge

You can put it in the fridge, or you can leave it on the counter to cool. If you want the fudge to set faster then the Fridge is your best bet.

I just made some fudge and it didn't set up so I rolled the fudge into little balls and rolled them in unsweetened cocoa powder. They are like truffles. I will definitely buy a candy thermometer. The very BEST fudge recipe is on the Fluff (marshmallow) jar. The other brands just don't work.

Fudge will naturally set and become slightly firmer as it cools. This can be allowed to happen naturally at room temperature, but that will take quite some time. Instead, to make fudge ste faster, cover it with wax paper or aluminum foil and place in the fridge or freezer.

It depends on the recipe. My husband's takes about four hours to set, but it's better if left overnight.

AKA Miss Matt Fudge of the Fudge Report

It just means you had not cooked your ingridents correctly or long enough. You might find its partially set but that the sugar may have not fully dissolved. So rather than a smooth fudge it will be crystal like due to the undissolved sugar

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Either the mixture is too thin or the fridge isn't cold enough.

You don't need foil to make fudge. Lining a baking pan with buttered foil and pouring the fudge into it is just one way to make it easy to remove the fudge from the pan when set. It also means less work cleaning the pan. The foil is thrown away when the fudge is cut up. You could just as easily use buttered baking paper, which is possibly more convenient since it's not as likely to tear as foil is during handling. Or you can simply butter the pan and pour in the fudge directly, either turning it onto a board to cut up when set, or cutting it in the pan. It's just a matter of personal preference.

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I did it but if to thin will become pretty hard. I guess it worked as it isn't gritty and mushy. I think it is better to get it right the first time by cooking / boiling longer. But I found it can be dome >^..^<

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