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It's because of the heat from your blow dryer.

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2010-02-12 04:35:03
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Q: Why does your hair turned hot when blow dried?
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What happens when a hair dryer is plugged in and turned on?

Hot hair in blowen out which tends to absorb the moisture from your hair .

How do you use hot air?

I Blow Dry My Hair... I Straighten It. I Put It In My Hot Air Balloon. And A Lot Of Other Things.

Does watts on a blow dryer mean how hot it gets or how hard it blows out hair?

Number of watts= heat

97 Mazda Millenia only blowing out hot air from air conditioner?

that usually means that you turned off the A/C on a higher degree. If it was cold in the morning and you had the A/C on 90 degrees, then turned it off, even when the A/C is off it will still blow out hot air. Vise Versa. If you had it at 65 degrees, turned it off, the air will still blow in cold.

When blow drying why should hair the nozzle be parallel with the head?

So that the hot air from the drier skims the hair, drying as it goes, and does not burn the scalp.

Who does that song in the Jeep commercial where the ladies get their hair done and then go driving and letting their freshly done hair blow in the wind background music goes she's so hot hot hot?

"you remind me" by Steve Poltz and Anya Marina

Which is worse for your hair blow drying or flat ironing?

Flat irons are generally worse for your hair because it gets crushed between wo hot palletees.

Is it better to dry your hair with hot or cold air?

well, blow dryers are a good type of way to dry your hair and it blows HOT air but if you use cold air its still okay. but to cold would make your hair freeze so i would probably say hot air

How do you dry out eucalyptus?

You dry out eucalyptus by leaving it in the hot sun for about 48hrs. After that step you must blow dry it with a hair dryer.

What can you do if keypad car not work on car on frozen day?

I would defrost it. Get a hair dryer and blow hot air on it.

How do hair products effect the hair?

I only know that blow drying your hair, straightening it, curling it, or putting hot curlers in, can damage your hair and dry it out and even make it fall out. And if you shampoo your hair everyday then your hair can get damaged and dry out. Hope it helps!

Is a blow dryer required for use with Hot Tools 1051 Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer?

no this product has a built in heating element.

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