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Your printer has some clogged jets. You will either have to manually clean the heads or use the HP printer Utility to have the printer try to do it automatically.

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The ePrint from HP is a printer that is compatible with Google Cloud Print.

The HP color laserJet 3600 Printer is a color printer and not blac printer. Are you sure you can't print in color ? Maybe you have the wrong ink for your HP color laserJet printer. Check it in this site.

The manufacturers website should give you all the information on your model of HP printer.

Most of the HP coupons are for printer ink. You can get a great deal on printer ink online and in the stores with the coupons that they provide for you to print out.

just instrall your HP Printer drive to wich you going to use laptop then just try to print it will be ok.

Can you tell me how to get my new HP notebook to print from my new HP6500 wireless printer.

Any printer will work, but the HP LaserJet printers will handle large stock well and print quickly.

The fastest black and white HP laser printer for the home market, the HP LaserJet Pro P1606 Printer, has a top speed of 25 pages per minute. For the office market, the black and white HP LaserJet P4510 Printer is able to print 60 pages per minute.

An HP mobile printer is a printer with a Bluetooth capability to which one can send print jobs from a mobile phone using a special application. To use the printer, it must be set up and the Bluetooth enabled. Then the user must download the HP app from the desired app store onto their mobile device.

You will need to plug it into either a computer or a print controller. There are small independent print controllers that provide network connectivity for a printer.

For the HP printer, after you print out the alignment page, you'll see a picture of a printer on the bottom left hand corner of the alignment page. For reference purposes, take the RIGHT BOTTOM corner (OPPOSITE of the printer picture). THIS corner should be the corner closest to you on the glass. In other words, when the print side is down on glass, (and properly positioned with the page touching the front right corner), now the printer picture will be facing the right bottom corner if you did it correctly. I hope this helps because you can go crazy!

Yes, provided you have an epson printer driver installed on the laptop.

"The HP Injet 2100 does have the ability to print stickers without special accessories. All you need to print stickers from any printer is the printer itself, ink in the printer, and a sheet of blank stickers."

I need to replace two print heads on my HP 7110. It is going to cost about $70.00. Is it worth the price or should I replace the printer? Gary

All current HP printers provide excellent print quality, so choose the printer that fits best into your budget.

The HP PSC 2210 is an all-in-one series printer. The printer is able to print, scan, and copy. The printer comes with its own ink cartridges and is compatible with Windows 98 and above.

The HP 3005 printer can print up to 33 pages per minute in black and white, can print up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, and print up to 100,000 pages per month. It runs off a monochrome laser technology.

Yes, but sometimes refilled print cartridges do not work well.

It tries to print, but it can't. There are small lenses which check.

You can only print from your iPod if you have the AirPrint app and you are using an AirPrint-enabled printer. So far the only Air-Print enabled printers are made by HP.

Method 1: Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers Method 2: HP printer Troubleshooting Method 3: The printer is in Offline State Method 4: Using Print Spooler

HP printer ink does not last very long. My HP printer can only print up to 100 sheet before I replace it with a new set of cartridge. However, there might be new models with better performance.