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Q: Why does your malamutes act funny if you separate him from the female?
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Why does any male dog act funny around a female fixed dog?

the male dog acts funny because they know they can not "make anything" with the female dog.

Does the male hamsters have to be in a separate cage if the female hamster is pregnant?

Yes. I learnt that the hard way. The female gets stressed and attacks the male as an act of protection for her unborn babies.

What is a funny meaning for the acronym ASAP?

in funny act swiftly awesome packaderm

What causes people to act funny on dustbusters and Lysol air-freshners?

it makes them act funny because of the fumes and stupidity

What does the stamp act do?

Be funny

If you have 8 goldfish should you separate them because one of your female goldafish is going to have babies?

Dont worry about female or male, they may have babies but it does not effect them dying! Just leave them where they are act as normal, by cleaning out the tank! and feeding them.

What are funny animals to act out?


How do crabs act?

how do female crabs act

What are the release dates for Gallery Gods Watching a Funny Act - 1903?

Gallery Gods Watching a Funny Act - 1903 was released on: USA: February 1903

Who is the female lead in the nutcracker?

In the first act of the Nutcracker, the female lead is Clara. The Sugar Plum Fairy is the female lead in the second act.

Why do boys act funny toward girls?

there in love

How do squirrel monkey act?

sometimes crazzy and funny

What are funny slogans for stamp act?

we'll take your tea, then your money

How do ferrets find a mate?

When ferrets are in season, the male and female are only together for the physical act of mating and afterward each goes their separate ways. The Jill ferret cares for the babies herself.

Why did the Committee to Test the Separate Cars Act want to take their case to the Supreme Court?

They wanted the Court to declare the Separate Cars Act unconstitutional

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this is obvious! just act cool,bad and funny

Why did Dino on the Flintstones act like a dog?

Because its funny.

Is comedy a verb?

Comedy is a noun, since it is the act of funny.

Does the female dog's behavior change when she is in heat or in season?

lots of time when a girl dog is in heat they do act funny sometimes they will run away and then come back when they are done doing there thing they want more attion or there will also pull away

In Touching Spirit Bear how does Nathaniel Blackwood act?

he acts funny

Why is joey tribbiani funny?

Because he knows how to act (extremely well).

How do you act like Gabriella montez?

Funny helpful smart cute sweet not rude.

Your ducks got really scared today by a dog and there acting funny is there anything wrong with them?

all ducks act funny your ducks are just stupid

Way does Rachel act so funny?

cuz there is a craz monkey in her closet

How do you approach a girl you like who is older than you?

you act funny and get to know her then ask her out