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This usually means that the mother is expecting kits. Mother rabbits usually do this during the time they know that their litter will arrive. If your bunny is doing this see the vet immediately and ask questions on what to do with the babies.

This sometimes signifies a false pregnancy. Not all rabbits who nest are pregnant. Sometimes they do this when they want to be bred. However, if you know your doe has had contact with a buck about 4 weeks prior, I would assume pregnancy and get a nest box in the cage right away! If a doe kindles on the cage floor, the babies could die from exposure.

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Q: Why does your rabbit keep pulling out her fur and making a nest?
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Do you need to put the female rabbit and male rabbit in different cages if the female has started pulling out her fur and looks to be building a nest?

well i dont know about the pulling her hair out, but if she's making a nest then its more likely she is making it so she can have a litter of kits/bunnies.

Why does your rabbit eat her fur?

it is not actually eating it's fur it is just making a nest for it's babies or sometimes it makes the nest for itself to keep it warm trust me i have a rabbit

Does a male rabbit make a nest for a female rabbit?

A male rabbit would not make the actual nest for the female but he would be very happy for his fur to be pulled out for the babies to have a comfortable nest. Any rabbit in the pen wouldn't mind the mother rabbit pulling there fur out for a nest because rabbits LOVE to be respected.

Your rabbit had babies yesterday she didnt prepare for them and sadly they died now she is making a nest and pulling her fur out is there any chance she will have any more?


Why is your female rabbit pulling out her fur could she be pregnant again or is she stressed as she just gave birth to a litter two days ago?

shes either pulling i tout to top up the nest or to uncover her teets because they may be hard to get the worst thing would be hat your rabbit has abandoned her babies and is making a new nest

Why is your rabbit making a nest when you only put the male with her yesterday?

She was either making a nest for her and him or preparing if she gets pregnant.

How can you tell when your rabbit is about to give birth?

One user said:My rabbit just had 6 rabbits not to long ago and just before the birth the rabbit started pulling out its hair and making its nest. When your rabbit begins to do this you know your rabbit will give birth in less than 24 hours.

Your rabbit is making a nest out of fur is she pregnant?

Not always The female rabbit could be having a pretend pregnancy or the rabbit might be cold

How long before a rabbit will have babies if shes making a nest and pulling her hair out?

Rabbits usually pull their fur and make a nest the evening or day before giving birth. If they have made a nest & pulled fur but still no babies DON'T PANIC! Let mother nature take it's course and everything will come at the right time. ;) Answered By: a Rabbit Pro.

If a rabbit has been making a nest for about 5 days now but how do you know when shes ready to give birth?

Very seldom does a rabbit make a nest and then not have babies after 5 days. Your rabbit may have had a false pregnancy.

How long does a rabbit keep its home?

About one year, and then it makes a new nest.

What should you expect when your bunny is pregnant?

Well when your rabbit is just starting pregnancy it will get a little fatter looking especially when it is her last stages of pregnancy. At about two to three weeks your female rabbit will start pulling out her hair and start making a nest. Put alot of hay in her cage but don't make the nest for her because they like to make them themselves. Hope this helps.

Your female rabbit is been pruned by a male rabbit and is going bald?

Does that mean mated? If so then she is making a warm nest for her babies on the way

What do you do when your pregnant bunny pulls out hair?

Your rabbit is making a nest for her babies. Once my rabbit had a false pregnancy and pulled a ton of fur out but she was fine!

Why has our rabbit been making a nest for about a week now?

Well ... Its Either Pregnant Or Its Having A Phantom Pregnancy.

Why does your female rabbit keep pulling its fur out even though she hasn't mated?

mine does it, its coz she thinks shes having a babyso shes getting a nest ready and stuff. Does she get grass and stuff like that and put it al in her bed?

How do you determine if the rabbit is near on delivery?

The doe begins pulling out the fur from under her chin and lines the that point, she's a few days away.

What if a bunny eats her own nest?

A rabbit would not eat its nest, only rabbit food or food.

Why is my bunny pulling out the fur on her back and her butt?

It's probably making nest. Stress, boredom, pregnancy, false pregnancy, those are all reasons for a bunny pulling out her fur.

Why Is My Female Dwarf Lop-Eared Rabbit Shedding Fur Is She Pregnant Help Me Rabbit-Lover x?

Is she pulling it out or is it just coming out as you pet her? If she is pulling it out she may be pregnant. In that case you need to get a nest box right away. If you pet her and some hair come then she is just molting.

Does the mother rabbit make the nest?

Yes, the mother makes the nest.

Rabbit pulling fur out and causing a bald patch?

Maybe she is building a nest for her babies with her fur, or maybe it itches there and he pulls the fur out to scratch it more easily, but it's best to see a rabbit-savvy vet for this. Go on, shoo!

Do rabbits pull off there hair when their pregnant?

when rabbit are near to giving birth the doe will make her nest two to three day because .some rabbit wait til the last minute to start pulling their fur to make an nest you must always move that buck from the doe before does give birth

If an animal scares a wild rabbit from its nest will the rabbit return?


What does it mean if you have a female rabbit and it is shedding a lot but was never introduced to a male rabbit?

If she is showing all the signs of pregancy, such as shedding, nest making, etc., it will be a phantom pregancy, which is a common occurence.