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Why does your right palm itch frequently?

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You might have gotten bit by a bug. Or touched something that you are allergic too, such as a cleaner or a new soap or lotion. your palm may also itch because of an irritated nerve within the mussel of the palm and so you are unable to sooth it MONEY!!!

2009-05-31 21:55:26
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Q: Why does your right palm itch frequently?
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What is the old wives tale about an itching palm?

if the right palm itch means you're coming into money.....if the left palm itch means you'll be spending money

Should you itch your right palm when it itches?

If your right palm itches your should first carefully observe the area. If the itch persists, then coat the it with a small amount of vitamin E oil. But never scratch your palm in the presence of strangers.

What do you do if you have a itch inside your right ear?

itch it

What does it mean when your palms itch?

It could be nerves or an allergic reaction or something else. I prefer the superstition of when your left palm itches, you will soon receive money and when your right palm itches you will soon be parting with money.

What is the cost of bill gates villa in palm islands?

My balls itch.

What does mean when the right and the left palm of hand itch?

The old superstitions said: - if your left palm itches you will loose money. - if your right palm itches you will receive money or good news. Also it is said that if your right palm itches make a wish and then rub the palm with a bit of brass, "Rub with brass, make it come to pass." - if your left foot itches you will go on a short trip. - if your right foot itches you will go on a long journey. - if your nose itches you will kiss a fool.

Why does my right palm itch?

Provided that you don't need hand lotion, the traditional explanation is that money will cross your palm soon. Generally speaking, your right hand itching means money going out of your life, unless you are left-handed, in which case it means money coming in to your life.

Is it bad luck to itch your right hand?

No, having an itch on your right hand is believed to mean-right hand Money going out.

Why does your left palm itch?

Superstition says that if your left palm itches that you will either spend or lose money. It is believed that you should rub the palm on something made of wood to counter the effect.

What does it mean when YOUR hand itch?

There is an old belief that an itching palm means that one is going to receive money soon. But if the itching is intense, or develops into a rash, it probably means that you handled something irritating, like poison ivy, or something to which you are allergic.

Why is your palm itchy?

Because the sweet glands are producing sweet so you get a little Itch. xx

What does it mean if you have a freckle on your right palm?

it means you have a freckle on your right palm and nothing else.

What does the phrase an itching palm mean?

Itching Palm:Literal definition: To itch the hand of your ownSlang definition: To grope peopleSecond Slang definition: To masturbate uncontrollably

Why does your nose itch frequently?

This is usually an indication that you have an allergy or allergies and you should see your doctor to be tested for your allergies.

What if you have a scratch do you itch it?

If you have an itch, it is all right to scratch it unless it is a bite, or a rash. Scratching rashes and bites can lead to infections.

Is there any superstitions regarding itchy palms?

Common superstition states that an itchy left palm indicates that one will be receiving money soon, whereas an itchy right palm indicates the loss of money. Therefore, those with itchy left palms should itch their palms in order to receive money and those with itchy right palms should avoid itching in order to not loose money.

What does it mean when you right palm itches?

when your right palm itches it is supposed to mean that you are going to come into a lot of money soon

Do flea bites burn when you itch them?

they do burn actually it is kinda like a sting when you itch them. I have them right now and it burns/stings really bad.

Itchy right palm?

The saying is, if your right palm is itchy then you have money coming your way. This is a myth and is just an old wives tale.

How do you stop mosquito bire itch?

I guess calimine lotion. Just don't scratch. if you find something to do that will take your mind off of it, the itch will go away faster whereas if you scrath it the minute it begins to itch(not always right after you're bit), then it will itch for a longer period of time.

How do you get out of skin itch due to yam?

take a quick cold shower or application of red palm oil to the affected part of the body will stop the itching

Why does your dog chew on right rear leg?

It may have an itch because of fleas.

What happen if itch in right hand?

It means that your getting money or finding money.

Why does it itch when you shave?

you rub lotion right after it good luck 8-D

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