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The body has a core temperature of about 98.6F for most people. If you are in a hot environment, or have just taken a nice hot shower/bath, your core body temp is going to be affected. To get rid of the heat, the superficial blood vessels, just under your skin, dilate to release the heat to the skin, sometimes in the form of perspiration with a little help from the eccrine (sweat) glands. When those blood vessels dilate so close to the surface of the skin, it causes the skin to become red, flushed or florrid.

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because the water is to hot

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Q: Why does your skin go red after a hot shower?
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What is this red blotchy spots on your legs after you take a hot shower or go out in the sun?

I get those when I take a hot shower too, apparently it happens when the water is too hot.

Is it normal to get a huge rash after you shower?

Is the water too hot? When we wash ourselves in water that is too hot we appear to have a patchy red rash. If this is not the case then you could be allergic to something you are using in the shower. Change your products to see if it gets better. If it doesn't go and talk to your doctor about an allergy test.

How do you get red skin when you step out without sunscreen?

Have you ever scalded yourself with very hot water from the tap? Noticed how red the skin was? That's exactly what happens when you go into the sun without sunscreen - the sun burnsyour skin - and a burn is a burn. It is skin damage. You should always use sunscreen.

Can taking to hot of a shower cook your insides?

If it's 200 degrees! Your heater wont go that hot. Trust me.

Would a hot shower make a smoke detector go off?

no, hot showers may produce Steam, not smoke

Is taking a cold shower bad for your skin?

No. Taking a cold shower is part of hydrotherapy. This stimulates the skin's microcurculation for improved skin tone and is also useful for circulation. However you must be careful not to make the shower too cold, as the body might go into shock and it will also be a strain on your heart, so it is advised not to do this if you have heart problems.

Can a hot shower help a stuffy nose?

Yes,taking a shower does help a stuffy nose. It makes it go away. I did it before and it works every time!

What if your water heater has only tepid water first shower of the day the rest of the day it is hot Any suggestions?

A new hot water tank wouldn't let the water get as cold. Or you can get out of bed, turn the hot tap on, go back to bed for ten minutes, turn it off, go back to bed 10 minutes then go for the shower and the water will be hotter.

Why do some peoples feet go purple in the shower?

Because obviously you have a rare skin condition called plumpitis

When you shower your skin peels off all over your body including your face.Also skin has been itching and burning for 9 years. What is wrong with your skin?

There is something very wrong with your skin. Go see a doctor!

How long can you go without hot water for your children?

not too long if they want to bathe. Go to the homeless shelter or YMCA and take a shower

When using the kitchen sink why does the water in the shower upstairs go hot or cold?

The plaming tubes are all conected.When the cold water run in kitchen the cold water at the shower become less,so with less cold water at the mix cold-hot (the balance is desterb),making the water hoter.Same if you turn on the hot in the kitchen the water will be colder in the shower.