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A moo is to acknowledge a student's birthday.

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How do you say hello teacher in hawaiian?

Aloha Kumu [koo-moo]. Add kula if you are speaking to a school teacher [koo-moo koo-la]

What is the meaning of the production of food molecules?

shunga shunga ka? edii tan0ng moo sa teacher moo!

How do you pronounce the Gaelic name for teacher?


Why was the math teacher forbidden to show a movie about calculus?

because the moo was onler

What factors to consuder planning meal for lunch and dinner?

** ean ai .. tnOnq moo ssa teacher moo .. haha !! WA cu aLm jn c(;

How do you say friend in laos?

moo. seriously thats how you say friend. friend = moo teacher = coo I= goo gotta love our language and how simple it sounds when in fault it is highly complicated.

Moo moo moo cok ma mun?

munch munch munch moo cok moo moo?

What are cow sounds called?

Moo moo moo moo

How do you biuld the moo moo battle gear?

you get moo moo t shirt and moo moo axe and you do some thing with it

What is moo moo monkey?

moo moo monkey that eats cows and makes mooing noises and farts out moos on your mommys moo moo t-shirt with her moo moo blankey IN THE ....... I KNOW MY ABC's SO MOO ON YOU

How do you say music teacher in Hawaiian?

kumu mele (vocal) [koo-moo may-lay], or kumu pila hoʻokani (instrumental) [koo-moo pee-lah ho'oh-kah-nee]

Moo moo how to get moo moo t shirts?

Are you a cow? This is confusing......

Where is the secret shop in moo moo 3.7?

Straight below moo moo

How do you build the moo moo battle gear in moo moo v 3.19 generation x?

moo tshirt

How do you say best teacher in hawaiian?

Aloha: kumu 'oi loa [koo-moo oy lo-ah]

How do you build a moo moo axe on moo moo generation?

so first you gotta get your self a cow. then, find an axe. then hit the cow with the axe and it should go "moo moo" then you got your self a moo moo axe!

How do you get moo moo t shirt on moo moo generation x?

You can get a moo moo t shirt on moo moo generation x by ordering the t shirt in your appropriate size. They are generally relatively affordable at twenty dollars.

How do you build the moo moo battle gear in moo moo v3.16 generation x?

get it

what goes moo moo brr?

Nigel F. Barley

Where can you find moo moo t-shirt on moo moo gx?

How have no idea what your talking about. But good luck finding that moo moo... um, T-shirt!

How do you get Moo Moo axe on moo moo generation x?

If you want get Moo Moo axe on moo moo generation x you must have a halberd axe, buy a glory axe, then at 5th wave sell glory axe and you have a sadistic axe.

How do you make moo moo t-shirt moo moo gx?


How should my joke end what goes moo plop moo?

You can make a joke with moo plop moo with a few different endings. You can say moo plop moo is a cow.

What is a moo moo?

Since I turned four, they have been referred to as "moo cows", but there is a Hawaiian dress called a Muumuu which is pronounced "moo moo". There is also a delicious burrito named Moo Moo Mr.Cow in the restaurant Moe's.

What are moo cows?

"Moo cows" are, essentially, cows that moo.