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Why does your transmission lock up when put in gear?

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are you sure it is transmission and not your diff both can do this which ever one it is tho needs to be rebuilt or replaced

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Why does gear lock up in neutral and won't go into first gear?

Check your clutch fluid level or your automatic transmission fluid level.

Why are front tires locking up when put in gear?

Rolls freely in neutral? Bad transmission?

Why 2005 Dodge Magnum started this morning and when you place in gear automatic transmission it died Started right back up but when you place in gear it dies.?

The first thing you have to check is your base/curb idle. It should be between 600 and 700 rpm in nuetral. If less than 550 rpm, may be too low to sustain idle speed in gear. Computer diagnostic may be required to determine if idle circut problem exists. If no idle circut problem exists, check for transmission torque converter lock-up problem. If converter in full lock-up engine stall will occur when put into gear. Transmission diagnostic will be required to determine this problem.

2000 Dodge Grand Caravan won't up-shift?

Have the transmission computer checked for codes. It will lock into 2nd gear when a malfunction is detected.

Why would engine die when you put car in gear?

Idling too low or a bad lock-up torque converter solenoid.

Why 1984 s10 blazer automatic transmission will not shift into fourth gear?

That would be a problem with the solenoid for the lock up converter. Start with checking the fuses. If the fuses check okay the lock up solenoid or wiring circuit is probably bad. That solenoid is located inside the transmission and can be reached by dropping the trans pan.

Will a Chevy 84 truck transmission interchange with a 88 Chevy truck?

The 1984 700R4 will interchange with a 1988 700R4. The lock-up harness would have to be modified, changed or have a hydraulic lock-up kit installed. An easy fix would be to put the harness and swithes from the 1988 transmission into the 1984 transmission. The 1984 transmission is a weaker design but a working transmission will get you going.

Where do you put gear oil in a manual transmission on 1988 d100 truck?

The D100 probably has the 3 speed standard transmission. If so, it doesn't use gear oil in the transmission. It uses Dextron II or III. The fill plug is found on the side of the transmission about half way up.

Would a broken Torque Converter Solenoid in a 1995 Nissan Maxima cause it to die when put into gear?

There is no such device as a torque convertor solenoid. There is a transmission control module. There can be any of 100 reasons why the car may stall when put into gear but I do not think it is a transmission problem. It sounds like an engine problem. There are torque converter control solenoids, and if stuck in the wrong position they can keep the lock up clutch engaged which can cause the engine to die when at a stop.

Can you put a 1999 ford contour transmission in a 1995?

No, the fly wheel is different and so is the gear ratio and the mounts will not line up.

1995 Lumina after transmission and engine are warmed up transmission will not engage in D After the engine and transmission cool down transmission will operate normally What could be the likey cause?

Does the torque converter lock? It should lock on both 3rd and 4th gear. How are the engine temperature and temp gauge? The 4T60-E requires decent temp information to run normally, othw it goes to "limp mode" and will not engage 4th nor lock. T

How do you alignments gear box to motor?

Do you mean the transmission to the engine? Match up the bolts which are used to mount the transmission to the rear of the engine. Find some which are slightly longer, and cut off the heads. Put those in place of the regular bolts to use for alignment. Make sure the transmission is in gear. Raise it up with a transmission jack, and get it aligned. As you push the transmission into place, the pilot bearing will rotate to align the transmission input shaft.

Why will Transmission not change into 3 gear in a 1995 crown Victoria?

You have 1st, 2nd, and drive. You should have over drive built in with a lock up for the final drive. First, check the linkage and make sure the shifter at the transmission is good, or it it is electroinc have the transmission shop check it.

When driving a automatic transmission commercial vehicle when should you downshift?

The purpose of the automatic transmission is that is shifts for you. You'll want to lock your transmission into your ideal gear for going up and down steep inclines to prevent it from downshifting, but, other than that, you typically let the computer do the shifting for you.

What is the electrical plug for on a th350 transmission?

if you have an electrical plug and its a th350. you have a th350C or lock up. it is to control; the lock up soliniod

When I start up my 2002 Jeep Sahara with automatic transmission it tends to growl for 15 to 20 seconds. Is it the torque converter?

There's nothing turning within the transmission until the vehicle is put into motion or put into a gear.

TH350 transmission locks up when put in manual low?

The T-350 needs a stout, odd shaped conical shaped little spring in the 1-2 shift valve stack up to allow full manual control. No spring and the the tranny will lock up in manual low gear and the vehicle will not move.

Can a 99 Tahoe brake switch keep the transmission from lockup?

If you mean the lock-up converter, Then yes it can and will stop the transmission from going into lock-up after the trans. has shifted it's self out.

1995 mustang manual transmission oil?

for one do not put oil on your transmission it takes transmission fluid which is not just an oil lubricant look the specs up online and you'll be able to by it at autozone oh and don't let it go dry it'll lock up your transmission or ruin your gears.

93 Pontiac transport 38 around 2000 rpm appears to be a shudder from transmission or on gear change and rpm drops to 2000 transmission?

I believe that your shudder problem may be a problem with your lock up torque convertor. When your transmission has shifted into final gear and is no longer under accelleration or deceleration your torque convertor should lock up. If the lock up is not being applied properly of your torque convertor is damaged you may experience a shudder during the lock up transition. You should be able to initiate lock up on and off by accelerating and coasting to see if this is when it occurs. I have put 45000km's on my '94 Transport since it was given to me because of this prob. If you can live with the annoyance it shoudn't damage anything else and you'll save some cash. Good Luck. ==Another Option == Twice I was told by a transmission mechanic that my shuddering was due to bad plug wires. He showed me this by power braking the car and having the engine get "rough" at certain RPMs. Changed the plugs and the wires, voila`, the back ones are a pain in the butt!

Where is the vacuum connection for a 1980 corvette lock up transmission?

The vacuum connection for a 1980 Corvette lock-up transmission is on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is below the air conditioning unit.

What would cause a 1988 Chevy Beretta to start but when you put it in gear it stops?

Torque converter lock-up solenoid is bad. Common problem with 1988 Beretta.

What causes a 2.8L Celebrity 4 door to go dead when you put it in gear?

Low Fluid level. If the car has a three-speed automatic, the torque converter clutch solenoid is locked up. Unplug it from the transmission, and see if it still dies when put in gear.

Why does your auto gear lock and you have to use your shift lock release on your 2001 Daewoo Leganza?

I read in another forum that it might be the brakelight switch that is making the shift lock, lock up.

Why does the at transmission on a 1993 Honda Del Sol slip out of gear when it warms up then shut the car off and re start it then it grabs?

Worn out gears in a transmission will cause the transmission to slip out of gear. The gear may be war only on one side, causing the transmission to work properly. At times.

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