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A header file in C is used to import the features of parent classes in our class. The same feature is provided by the import statement in Java hence the header files are not used.

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Q: Why doesn't Java use header files?
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Which header file is used in pacakages java program?

Java doesn't use header files.

Why use header file?

in the java as we use the inheritance property in the same way we can get the the inheritance property in c by using the prepared header files( .h files). there a single program in c use the many methods of many header files like math.h give us to use the use of floor(), sqrt() e.t.c. functions..

Why you use header files in c?

the use of header files is to add functionality. Header files are basically saying put code in that header file here so you don't have to type that many lines of code.

What is the use of DOS header files in graphics?

It shows the header information..

How do you create and use your own header files in C?

> How do you create With your favourite text editor/IDE. > and use your own header files in C? #include "my_own_header.h"

What is the use of header files as used in C programming?

Header files are used to have declarations. It is simple to include a single header file than writing all the needed functions prototypes.

What is the role of header files in c?

Header files allow the user to make use of predefined libraries in order to save time and reuse code.

How many header are using in c programming?

No explicit limit, you can use so many header files as you want.

Can you use header files on the bottem of the program?

You can use header files (more specifically "include" files) anywhere in a program. You just have to consider what type of statements, declarative or definitive, there are in the include file, and what your effective scope is. That is why they are generally at the top.

Why to use header file to easy know?

Header files ensure our declarations are consistent. That is, we only declare things once (in a header) and include that header wherever that declaration is required.

What is header file and how it works?

header files are predefined in c, they include the all necessary function to u to do your work easy instead of writing a function for printing a message or to read a input form key board we are using the library functions which are in the header files. there are different types of header files depending upon the requirement we use them.

Why it is necessary to use header file in c?

It is not necessary. Very short and simple programs may work without any header files.

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