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Why doesn't WikiAnswers block inappropriate questions?

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WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-All', and it stores all of the inappropriate questions so when a user types in an inappropriate question that has already been asked and merged into that Catch-All, they will get an answer telling them that inappropriate questions are not allowed on WikiAnswers. In a way, WikiAnswers does 'block' inappropriate questions.

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You cannot block questions on WikiAnswers. Only Supervisors have the ability to get rid of a question, but there is no such action as 'blocking a question'.

Irrapropiate questions and answers and offending someone through questions or answers

Probably not because supervisors help wikianswers by warning contributors not to harm the site or they will be blocked from wikianswers site. DingoBot blocks contributors that for inappropriate behavior.

Personally and physically, not a lot. In terms of the site, though, a Super can (among other things): * protect and unprotect questions to stop edit-wars * revert answers to remove vandalism * merge and split alternates and questions * trash inappropriate or worthless questions * warn and block people who are harming the site.

DingoBot flags answers that are gibberish, repetitive, bad language, and unsuitable. Basically, DingoBot is a inhuman supervisor that can block contributors for inappropriate behavior.

Vandalism/Creating Inappropriate Pages/Creating Inappropriate users

Yes, Supervisors have special powers on WikiAnswers that normal users do not have access to. Supervisor's "super-powers" include the ability to merge questions and set question alternates as the primary wording for questions. Supervisors also have the ability to block users who are making counterproductive edits to WikiAnswers.

No, a computer doesn't answer the questions here on WikiAnswers. There are literally thousands of live people all over the world who are members of the Wikianswers Community answering questions as well as editing questions and answers. Many members of the community also spend time monitoring the site for vandals - those who come to WikiAnswers to destroy or vandalize the site content - and block them permanently from the site.

You basically get more tools to use on the site, and are able to:merge questionsbatch split questionsbatch recategorize questionsblock and warn vandalsand many more. You also get access to the Supervisor's forum, and get your own WikiAnswers email address. See 'related links' for more information.

WikiAnswers is not erasing your answer. If your answer is inappropriate then a supervisor may erase the your content to ensure that the best possible answer for a question alone remains, supervisors might also erase rubbish answers that include user's opinions when the real answer is to ask yourself. Supervisors might also delete questions that seem like advertisement or unneeded questions or rubbish, and they can delete messages sent from one user to another that was inappropriate or used inappropriate wording or was a threat to another user, supervisors can find out who sent the threatening message and temporarily or permanently block the user, if you are confronting in a kind of threatening message with a person we'd suggest you stop, but if you are receiving this kinds of messages tell a supervisor right away and include the threatening person's username and a supervisor will look into it and review your message board looking for the inappropriate message. Supervisors can help a lot of people with problems or tasks.

Feature questions on the WikiAnswers' homepage;Merge duplicate questions together;Protect answers so that they can't be edited by anyone but Supervisors;Transform discussion posts into questions or answers; andBlock users who are vandalizing, spamming, and/or cyberbullying on WikiAnswers.Supervisors can use their powers anywhere on the site, but they are also the supervisor of a particular topic or area. They're responsible for keeping an eye on that area and watching for vandalism.

Some of the categories on WikiAnswers should not be browsed through by younger children in school, so a school will block WikiAnswers on their server. However, a more common reason is due to vandalism. Instead of researching in class like a student is supposed to be doing, they vandalize WikiAnswers, which does not benefit anybody. If enough students are vandalizing WikiAnswers and neglecting classwork, the school will block WikiAnswers on their server.

If by 'trash' you mean delete, it depends on the context. If the question is sensible and appropriate, and you delete the question/answer, you may be reprimanded for vandalism. However, it would be appropriate to remove an answer or question that is inappropriate and/or violates WikiAnswers rules.If by 'trash' you mean to vandalise, such as by posting an inappropriate answer in place of, or in addition to, an existing answer, your answer would be removed from the question. You would also face a warning and possible block for violation of WikiAnswers rules.

If you have been previously blocked from participating in wiki answers it is because one of the supervisors felt that you had said something inappropriate, or were hurtful, or trying to create a disturbance rather than seek knowledge or answer a question earnestly. If I feel that you are not in the best interest of the wiki community then I too will block you.

Yes, WikiAnswers reserves the right to block users from contributing to the site.

They are here to protect wikianswers, and block vandals/spammers/cyberbullies from this site.

No, spamming is unacceptable here on WikiAnswers. In fact, there is are group of people here called Supervisors, and their jobs is to get rid of spam on the site and block any person who violates the rules. Plus, some Supervisors become on the Vandal Patrol which is a gang of Supervisors, that look on various questions and message boards looking for spam and inappropriate language. If you like spamming sites, let me tell you, that WikiAnswers is not a good place to do it. If everyone were to create an effort, this site would be the most helpful question and reference topic site on the web.

Yes. If a supervisor finds a cyberbully on wikianswers, the supervisor would block the cyberbully.

A Supervisor does many things on WikiAnswers. A Supervisor will hunt for vandalism, and warn those who need to be warned. If necessary, a Supervisor will block someone, either temporarily or permanently, for doing anything against WikiAnswers' rules. That is the main part of a Supervisor job, but they also help other contributors, other supervisors, and make sure no disputes arise to where they have to be taken to a higher level.There are floating supervisor who do not supervise a specific category. They just float around the site cleaning up questions, blocking vandals, merging questions, asking questions, answering questions, participating in the Supervisors Forum etc. A category supervisor basically does the same thing but they try to focus all of their work in the categories that have been appointed to supervise.Supervisors have additional Super Powers (eg. protect a question, trash a question which does not add to the value of WA, feature a question etc.) and also have access to the "backstage" of WikiAnswers - the stylebook, their own personal email, and the supervisors' forum. They look over categories of interest or "hover" over each randomly, and are able to feature, protect, merge, trash, update etc. questions they find. They can also warn, block etc. other users who are doing inappropriate spam and damage to WikiAnswers.Please see the related question: "How do you become a Supervisor on WikiAnswers?"Supervisors can:# Monitor activities in the site# Revert/Remove wrong answers# Warn users posting answers that do not comply with the website rules# Block users who keep posting nonsense after repeated warnings# And more!

Supervisors are a special group of users on WikiAnswers who have special powers on the website. Supervisor powers include the ability to merge questions, set question alternates as the primary wording for questions, and the power to block users who are making counterproductive edits to the wiki. Supervisors are users who have demonstrated that they are trustworthy editors and have contributed many helpful answers to WikiAnswers in the past. It Doesnt Allow it, However It Doesnt Block Them ;)

Currently, you cannot block certain individuals from writing on your message board. You can block all Non-Supervisors from writing on your message board by emailing WikiAnswers @ spaces) and asking for them to do so. Please note that this will not block Supervisors or Community Assistants.

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