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Why doesn't he invite me to his house?


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September 08, 2007 7:34PM

There could be a variety of reasons. Maybe he embarrassed or ashamed of his surroundings, if he lives at home with his parents maybe they have issues and are not people he wants to subject you to, if he lives on his own maybe he is just personable and wants his space to be his own, maybe he does have another in his life as well as you- whether it be a wife/family, girlfriend or girlfriends even maybe a boyfriend,a roommate he doesn't want you to be subjected to, if you do not know where he lives - maybe he doesn't have a place to live, maybe he lives in a shelter or hostel He could be hiding you from others, he could be a messy housekeeper, he could just be one of those guys that rather not bring his personal life home, so to speak. Have to keep up and image for neighbors, other girls, parents, maybe he doesnt have a house or its not his.