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To teach them how to do it for themselves.

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Q: Why doesn't the mom rabbit feed her babies?
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What do you do if your rabbit refuses her babies?

You will need to feed the babies and if the mom was a wild rabbit, you do not need to introduce the babies to pellets.

Why would a mother rabbit step on her newborn babies?

usually the mom would just be nervous if its a first time mom. It happens to a lot of rabbits but its completely normal. if it was a wild rabbit it would try to kill the baby so then nothing else would eat it but if the rabbit is domesticated then its OK to touch the babies because the rabbit is used to our sent. if the mom rejects the babies you can feed them cow milk or goat milk (better) NOT ANY OTHER MILK!

What does it mean when a mom rabbit hops around the cage around her babies?

Its what mother rabbit do sometime to keep safe her babies

Who feed the babies bugies the mom or dad parakeets?

mostly the mom would feed her babies. but when the babies are old enough to eat its food without it being regurgitated, the dad would break seeds for them and feed it to them.

When does an mom rabbit feed her babies?

Rabbits feed their babies twice a day. Usually late at night and early morning for about 5 minutes. Their milk is high in fat and vitamins, one of the most nutritious of all the mammals so they can limit their feeding to help protect the babies from "predators" finding the nest.

How can you tell when a wild rabbit is ready to give birth?

It is really hard to tell. If she makes a nest then she is prob. having babies. But stay away from them please, unless you absolutely know the mom died. They don't come to feed their babies often and they wouldn't feed them around you anyway.

What kind of food should the mom rabbit eat now that she just had her babies?

a rabbit that has just had her babies should continue eating her regular feed with some vitamin suppliments like vitamin c water drops and given extra vegetables like romaine lettuce and carrots

Does the mom rabbit ever leave her baby at the age on two days old?

A mother rabbit only feeds her babies once or twice a day. I'm not quiet sure what your question is. You will probably never see her feed the kits.

What does the robin bird feed their babies?

the mom barfs in the chicks mouth

What should you feed your newborn rabbit?

Feed the newborn rabbit Rabbit Milk Replacer or you can substitute that with Kitten Milk Replacer ( KMR ) Feed every twelve hours. NO MORE THEN THAT!!! Hold the newborn at a 40 degree angle. Feed 2-2 1/2 ML/CC for 5min. This is of course if the babies are orphaned. If not then leave them with their mom. If bottle feeding don't forget to stimulate them so that they will go to the bathroom.

Can a rabbit take care of another rabbits babies?

It would be quite alright if the babies drank another mom's milk. It remains to be seen if the mom would be accepting of babies that aren't hers.

My rabbit just had 7 baby rabbits and the mom got away and don't know what to feed them?

You will have to feed them out of a bottle .

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