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Why doesn't the seat belt on the driver side go up?


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March 04, 2006 4:23AM

It sounds like you have the misfortune of having an "automatic" seatbelt. You could have a bad sensor, you could have a bad motor, you could have a jammed track, you could simpy have a burned out fuse (if you're lucky). If you hear a grinding noise or the carrier jerks but won't move when the seatbelt is supposed to be going from closed to open or open to closed positions, you're sunk. That means that the seatbelt is jammed or has jumped the track....replacements for this kind of thing out of warranty are extremely expensive....lift up your hood ornament, slide another car under it, discard your previous car. If you don't hear any noise or the seatbelt carrier doesn't even try to move, you may simply have a burnt out fuse...go through your fuse box and do a bit of trial and error. If you're lucky, it'll start working again. If not, it could be a sensor (thoughtfully built into the track on Fords...see grinding above for a solution), it could be a burned out motor (same repair indicated), or it could be an electrical problem/broken wire....I don't have that kind of patience, maybe you do.