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Check the signal relays and fuses under the hood.

Because of the battery is not sufficient to light up the signal light.

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Q: Why doesn't your turn signal flash or light up?
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Why would your turn signal light up but not flash on a Jeep Cherokee?

Check bulbs Replace turn signal flasher

Why does a turning signal light on a contour light lights but does not flash?

Burned out bulb Faulty socket and/or wiring/ ground Faulty turn signal flasher Faulty turn signal Switch

Why does your turn light go on when you brake. doesnt flash stays constant?

You might try to see if your bright (brake or turn) part of your tail light is burnt out. This is probably the case if when you turn your turn signal on in one direction, it flashes alot faster than normal.

Why do my Headlights flash on and off when turn signal is on?

You could be hitting the flash feature on the turn signal arm when you use it.

What causes the turn signal on the left to stay lit and not flash in the front and back on a 1997 Chevy Camaro?

One of the bulbs likely burnt out. When the indicator light on the dash remains solid (does not flash) it means that a turn signal or marker light is out

Why does signal light flash fast?

One of the bulbs are broken, check all of your turn signals.

What are turn signal indicators?

Turn signal indicators are lights. The flash to tell you, or indicate, that a turn signal is on, and which way the lights are flashing.

How do you fix a Mitsubishi mirage signal light that doesnt turn off?

In order to fix a Mitsubishi mirage signal light that doesn't turn off, you would need to understand the wiring system. This is a problem with the wiring and the circuit that connects the power from the battery to the signal light.

Why does my turn signal on my jeep wrangle have a fast flash?

A fast flashing turn signal, on most any vehicle, is an indicator that a turn signal bulb is going out or has gone out on that side(i.e. front turn signal on passenger side flashing fast, check the rear turn signal bulb on passenger side.) This will cause the light on your dash board to flash fast as well. This is generaly a good time to replace all of the bulbs, turn signal, running lights, and break lights, as they are so cheap. Also check deck light or top break light if applicable for burn outs.

Turn signals wont work Chevy blazer 1997?

If the turn signal bulbs light but will not flash, the flasher relay is defective, replace it.

What causes a Ford LEFT turn signal to flash fast no left turn rear light no rear left brake light?

The turn signal and brake light use the same bulb. When you get a fast flash, it is from a reduced electrical load being placed on the flasher unit due to a burned bulb. Replace the bulb and this should fix your problem.

Turn signal left side don't work no blink in back no light in front side?

flasher will not flash when circuit is open or shorted replace left front turn signal bulb

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