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One of the bulbs are broken, check all of your turn signals.

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Q: Why does signal light flash fast?
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What causes the left front signal on a 2007 PT Cruiser to flash fast?

light is burned out

Why flash memory called FLASH?

Because light is fast. And a flash is light. And flash memory is fast.

Why do your led indicators flash fast on your suzuki 1500 intruder?

your signal light is burned out. The rear signal lights burn out quite quickly and the fast flashing is an indicator you need to replace them.

Why does my turn signal on my jeep wrangle have a fast flash?

A fast flashing turn signal, on most any vehicle, is an indicator that a turn signal bulb is going out or has gone out on that side(i.e. front turn signal on passenger side flashing fast, check the rear turn signal bulb on passenger side.) This will cause the light on your dash board to flash fast as well. This is generaly a good time to replace all of the bulbs, turn signal, running lights, and break lights, as they are so cheap. Also check deck light or top break light if applicable for burn outs.

Turn signal fast?

you have a light out that way it signal fast

What causes a Ford LEFT turn signal to flash fast no left turn rear light no rear left brake light?

The turn signal and brake light use the same bulb. When you get a fast flash, it is from a reduced electrical load being placed on the flasher unit due to a burned bulb. Replace the bulb and this should fix your problem.

Why doesn't your turn signal flash or light up?

Check the signal relays and fuses under the hood. Because of the battery is not sufficient to light up the signal light.

Is the flash as fast as the speed of light?

NO.... the speed of light is always faster. =)

What does it mean when the dashboard and outside right turn signal flash twice as fast as normal on a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

You need to replace the failed TURN SIGNAL lamp. Select turn signal selector to direction which flashes fast then check which exterior light is out. Go to any auto parts store. The light usually costs under $5 and can be replaced easily.

Why does the turn signal flashes to fast in a 2002 pontaic Montana?

You need to replace the turn signal bulb. When bulb is burnt out the turn signal will flash faster.

Why does a turning signal light on a contour light lights but does not flash?

Burned out bulb Faulty socket and/or wiring/ ground Faulty turn signal flasher Faulty turn signal Switch

Why does one signal light flash faster than the other?

Most likely because one (or more) of the signal light bulbs is burnt out from the fast flashing side. Check them first, replace the burnt bulb, and they should go back to normal. If there are no burnt out bulbs, then you might consider replacing the turn signal relay.

Why would your turn signal light up but not flash on a Jeep Cherokee?

Check bulbs Replace turn signal flasher

How do you fix turn signals that one side flash fast?

If one turn signal is flashing fast it is to warn the driver they need to replaced either the front or back signal bulb.

Why is Escape turn signal fast?

Wrong light bulb.

What causes the turn signal on the left to stay lit and not flash in the front and back on a 1997 Chevy Camaro?

One of the bulbs likely burnt out. When the indicator light on the dash remains solid (does not flash) it means that a turn signal or marker light is out

Why are your indicators on your polo flash very fast?

light bulb is about to go

Why is my Town and Country Mini Van's signal light blinking fast?

A light bulb needs to be replaced. The signal is fast because the electrical current is there, but since it does not turn on the burned out bult, it makes the others work twice as fast.

89 Pontiac sunbird signal light stays on but does not flash?

If a signal light stays on, but does not flash on a 1989 Pontiac, there could be a light burned out in the turn signals on the exterior of the vehicle. It is also possible that the flasher unit has gone bad. The flasher unit is under the dash on the driver's side.

Why you call USB as flash drive?

They are called this because the memory inside it is known as Flash Memory or a Flash Chip. Why is flash memory called this? Because it is so fast - as in flash of light.

Why do you call usb a flash drive?

They are called this because the memory inside it is known as Flash Memory or a Flash Chip. Why is flash memory called this? Because it is so fast - as in flash of light.

How do you fix a fast blinking signal light on a 96 GMC Suburban?

Turn on that fast blinking signal light and check to see if the front and rear signal lights are both working, chances are you have a burned out bulb. If both front and rear bulbs are flashing fast, replace the flasher relay.

What causes signal lights to flash fast on dash and not flash outside on a 2001 Impala?

one of two things, either the flasher or the signal relay EDIT: Um, NO. You have a bulb out. It can't flash outside, it's dead. Inside, electricity is still flowing, so the interior bulbs work twice as hard to keep up with the current. Check all your light bulbs and/or sockets.

On a 1995 Buick Century Custom why would the turn signal indicator in dash flash slowly and then fast?

Sounds like a weak turn signal flasher

What will cause the rt turn signal not to flash but rt rear flashes fast and it flashes fast in dash?

The right front bulb is probably burned out.