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You know why. The real question is how to get her attention. Call private or for drama, send a telegram. But whichever way, make it count. If she is moving on,wave goodbye and never call again. In 3 weeks you will be over her.

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How does temperature affect cell phone reception?

it doesnt it doesnt

What is Ryan higas phone number?

he doesnt give it out he doesnt give it out

Why doesnt she answer her phone but will text you?


How do you call someone on the sims 2 who doesnt own a phone?

You can't phone them if they don't have a phone.

Does the Pantech impact have wifi?

no it doesnt i have that phone

What does the iPhone have that the ipod touch doesnt?

A phone

What if your house phone in sims 3 iPod doesnt say throw party?

mine doesnt

What kind of phone does Angela Simmons have?

i think its the i phone doesnt every celeb have one

Does the samsung g600 have a place for a phone charm?

no, it doesnt

Does Angry Birds for I-phone have blood?

no it doesnt

Does every phone have the signuture?

sadly it doesnt sorry

How a watermelon charge a mobile phone?

it doesnt you retard

If a girl tell you to erase her phone?

she means she doesnt like you anymore or she doesnt want to date you anymore.

How do you know that your cell phone battery is broken?

when it doesnt come on when you put it in the phone or when its in 2 parts.........

Why doesnt Justin Bieber answer his phone?

He must be very bissy but keep trying he might answer his phone

How can you send a song to a phone that doesnt have internet?

Hi you can send the song by bluetooth or infared if your phone doesnt have these try a message or a data connection lead glad to help Jordan

What do you do if your palm pixi doesnt turn on?

Take it to the phone store

What os Justins Bieber phone number?

he doesnt give his phone number out randomly, or put it on the internet sorry

What is the RuneScape phone number for quustions?

runescape doesnt have a phone number for questions but you can ask something on the foroms but you have to be a member

What is Martin Wright's official fan phone number?

He doesnt have one

Why does a girl call others on the phone except for you?

she doesnt want to call you

Why doesnt your mobile phone ring when someone calls?

because you have no signal

What is the phone number of Cody Simpson?

He Doesnt allow his number public.

What does it mean if you ask out a girl through text and she doesnt respond?

The most obvious answer is shes busy and doesnt have access to her phone OR she doesnt want to tell you no and hurt your feelings...sorry =/ her friend could of had her phone and clicked view later and the girl doesnt look in her inbox... just text her again after a while and if still no respond give her a not or ask her

What is alecia Beth Moore's phone number?

Pink more than likely doesnt have a phone to keep stalkers away

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