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so they make sure tht we can seem them good

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No, this is a point & shoot camera and there is no lens mount. The lens is fixed on the camera and cannot be removed.

The lens of the camera projects the image onto the film or sensor.

You can't. The lens on a Canon SD950 is integral to the camera body. Trying to remove it will ruin both the camera and the lens.

Apollo 12's color television camera was ruined when Alan Bean inadvertantly pointed the lens directly at the sun.

No, camera lens does not reflect light but it does refract light.

Yes, if your camera has the detachable lens option (lens' are able to be removed from the base of the camera). All brands that are the same as your camera will fit.

It is not recommended to use a different model camera lens on a camera. Camera's and accessories such as camera lens are made by manufacturers to support their own products. Use of an sony camera lens on a differen model camera may void the warranty.

Lens of the camera is similar to lens of the eye. Both of them are convex lenses. They produce the real image of the object.

The difference between a camera lens and a microscope is that a camera lens uses a shutter to capture an image. A microscope enlarges something.

Basically most video cameras are fixed lens so you cannot put a camera lens in it unless it is specially built.

The camera lens reflects off what the lens is pointed at so that you can see it through the screen on your camera.

= A lens cap is a cover to a lens on a camera or camcorder.=

Cornea is the lens cover, the iris and pupil act like the aperture of the camera lens. The lens of the eye acts like the lens of the camera. The retina acts like the film.

EF lens are a very popular thing in cameras. The most well known camera that uses such method of lens is the Cannon EF Lens Camera introduced in 1987.

A good rated camera lens cleaner is the LensPen DK-1. It is a cleaning stylus that removes dirt and grime from a camera lens but won't scratch the lens up.

Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Amazon would be just a few places to get a Nikon Camera lens online. Also you can go directly to the Nikon website to find what you're looking for.

There is not a specific cleanser that you need to use on your sony camera lens. You can use any that is made to clean camera lens' As long as they say that they are camera lens safe and that is what they were made for then you can use it!

In a camera with a removable lens system, the camera body is all of the camera except the lens mechanism. Many more-sophisticated cameras employ a system of removable/ exchangeable lenses. The "camera body" and the "lens" are often sold separately. What is called simply the "lens," though, is really a lens tube with multiple lenses and multiple adjustment mechanisms. It will have a standard connection point that mates to the lens mount on the camera body.

A camera lens is actually made up of many smaller lenses; from one to twelve (or more, depending on the application). A lens element is just one of the many others that is inside the camera lens. Lens Barrel: The complete camera lens that houses the many individual lens elements. It also has the mounting hardware located in the rear, which connects to the camera body.

Yes, the camera lens can be fixed. The problem is that if you get it fix, it will cost about the same as a new camera if not more.

A CPU camera lens has electrical contacts on it. This means that it also has the auto focus option, which is where the lens will focus itself.

Its not a lens. Pinhole photography is photography without a lens

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