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they made halo in mega blocks


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Answer 1:Of course Lego will make Halo, you can make anything with Lego.Answer 2:The Lego Group have no ideas at this time to produce Halo Lego but it is something we could see in the future.

There is no proof possible Lego can not make a Halo game

No, Lego doesn't even make halo products.

You can get a normal lego figure paint it white then make halo armor and add a lego alien police helmet (blue one with adu on it) and then paint that white and paint a halo helmet

Not Lego halo but there are halo megablocks sets.

No. There is no Lego Halo. It the game was a Hoax, and there are no sets for it. There are fans building Lego Halo, but not the Official Lego group.

No, Lego Halo does not exist.

There are Halo Mega blocks. They are similar to Lego.

There will not be a Lego Halo. It was a generated Internet Hoax. Lego fans have made a few Lego Halo sets for sale, but there are no official Lego Halo sets around, nor game.

Microsoft has given up on the Idea and there will be no LEGO Halo or Halo DS.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

There will never be a Lego Halo because halo is 16+ and violent - unlike Lego

There isn't a Lego Halo video game. Mega Blocks is like Lego and has build-able Halo products.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

Nobody, LEGO Halo doesn't exist.

Lego Halo does not exist.

Lego doesn't do Halo, that's mega bloks.

MegaBlox makes Halo sets. LEGO does not.

There is no LEGO halo. it is megablocks. you can buy it off of ebay.

There is no halo game. Lego doesn't license it

no there are youtube videos of lego halo but nothing else

Lego Halo does not even exist.

yes halo lego does exist and is for xbox 360

they dont have it for lego, but theres a thing like legos and it cost from $20 to $40 dolars depending where you buy it.

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