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Why don't you use atomic bombs anymore?

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After the two bombs were dropped (one on Hiroshima) and one on (Nagasaki) the world was shocked to see the devastation and even today the genetic factors that the radiation caused the people of Japan can still show up in the gene pool. Many people considered this over-kill and thought fire bombs would have been just as effective. The Atomic bombs dropped on both Japanese cities was a good warning to Russia as to what the U.S. was capable of doing.

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What bombs did Germans use in the blitz?

They used nuclear and atomic bombs.

What lasting effects have the use of atomic bombs had on the world?

The atomic age.

What type of bombs did they use in world war 2?

atomic bombs and grenades

Why did the US use Atomic bombs?

The US employed Atomic Bombs as a last resort. The first bomb's widespread aftereffects.

Which Allied leader ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs?

Harry Truman authorized the use of atomic bombs against Japan.

What kind of nuclear reaction does an atomic bomb use?

Fission bombs use fission. Fusion bombs use fusion. Although atomic bomb is usually used for fission bombs, it technically applies equally to either.

Did America use atomic bombs in the Korean War?


What was Japan's response to the use of the atomic bombs?

they surrendered.

How did Harry Truman know that Korea had atomic bombs?

North Korea had no atomic bombs at the time of the Korean War. What Truman was concerned about was the Soviet atomic bombs and the high probability that Stalin would respond to our use of atomic bombs in that conflict by declaring full scale nuclear war on the US.

Did they use an atomic bomb on pearl harbor?

No, they used atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What significance did the use of atomic bombs against Japan have?

It is a fact that we entered the atomic age after that.

Why don't we use safrole anymore?

Why dont we use safrole anymore

What does atomic bombs use for its explosive power?


What weapons did Americans use against japan?

Atomic Bombs

Did Britain use atomic bombs in World War 2?


How do you use hydrogen bombs today?

we dont

Why would people want to use atomic bombs?

See atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In fallout 3 how do you get cherry bombs to work?

Cherry Bombs arn't really bombs so you dont use them.

Are nukes and atomic bombs the same?

Atomic bombs use nuclear fission to cause near perpetual chains of reactions. Nuclear warheads (Nukes) just sums up all the different types, including hydrogen bombs (which use nuclear fusion, a much more potent type of power) and atomic bombs. So yes, they are the same.

Is the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb the same thing?

No. Atomic bombs use fission, hydrogen bombs use fusion (and are more powerful)

Where did the US drop the first and only atomic bomb use in a war?

It was two atomic bombs, not one.

What is one dangerous use of nuclear fission?

Its use in atomic bombs for military purposes.

Why does China use uranium?

China use uranium as nuclear fuel or for atomic bombs.

Did President Harry S. Truman drop the atomic bomb?

No- he ORDERED the use of the Atomic bombs. The bombs were actually dropped by the bombadier of each of the two aircraft.

What bombs did people use in World War 2?

atomic bomb