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Why dont pigs fly?

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Teh pig will live on!

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Can pigs actually fly?

no. you know pigs dont fly!

Where did When pigs fly come from?

dont no

Why do pigs have the ability to fly when us aliens dont?

The term pigs will fly is basically a saying meaning - No chance of an event happening.

What is something pigs can not do?

Pigs cannot fly... Hence the saying "when pigs fly".

How fast can pigs fly at?

Pigs can't fly.

How do pigs fly?

Sorry, but pigs cannot fly.

What time of the year do pigs fly?

Pigs do not fly.

When could pigs fly?

pigs could never ever fly.

When pigs fly is what literary device?

"When pigs fly" is an example of an idiom.

When CAN pigs fly?

Pigs cannot fly, and never will be able to fly. So the response that something will occur "when pigs fly" is emphatic skepticism that it could ever happen.

Can pigs swim?

Can pigs fly

When did the caucus system start?

When pigs started to fly When pigs started to fly

Is it possible for pigs to fly?

no it is scientifically proven that pigs cant and never will fly

Do potbelly pigs fly?

Nope. All species of pigs can't fly.

How do you translate when pigs fly in latin?

When Pigs Fly = Henway Igpays Lyfay,

Do pigs fly on the isle of wight?

yes pigs fly on the isle of wight

When pigs fly where do they land?

When pigs fly they land at an Airport just like we do.

What is an example sentence for when pigs fly idiom?

When pigs fly i will own the apple companyWhen pigs fly hell will freezeWhen pigs fly i will be the richest man/woman in the worldThink of things that will NEVER happen in your life.

Why cant pigs fly and how can you test this?

pigs can't fly because nobody has put wings on them and taught them how to. ask a scientist about the how can you test this stuff, but i know that one day pigs will fly. so don't stop believing that pigs will fly, maby YOU will be the one to make pigs fly, who knows?

When will frogs fly?

Frogs will fly when pigs fly!

How does a pig fly?

Pigs don't fly. Its a saying (i.e. yeah, when pigs fly) that something will never happen.

Pigs might fly?

No, pigs will never be able to fly.

What are periwinkle pigs?

they are fat pigs that fly

How many pigs can fly?

Exactly 2453.4638 pigs can fly. This is due to my pig launcher.

Do pigs fly in magic?

no the only magic that pigs fly in is the magic of buying a plane ticket.