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Q: Why effect heredity environment maturity in life?
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What is heredity versus environment?

Heredity refers to the genetic traits and characteristics inherited from our parents, such as eye color or height. Environment encompasses all external factors that influence us, including upbringing, education, culture, and life experiences. Both heredity and environment play a role in shaping who we are and how we develop.

How tall do you grow in your life?

Depends on your genes (genetics) or heredity, your food intake or goodness of nutrition, and whether you reach maturity before dying.

What determines life?

Many factors contribute to a person's life expectancy. Some of these factors include heredity, health condition and diseases, and environment.

Rank the factors of heredity environment and lifestyle?

heridetry,enviromental and life style factors which place students at risk for diseases

What are the effect of waste disposal?

The effect is pollution that is harmful to the environment and animal life.

What the effect of improper waste disposal?

The effect is pollution that is harmful to the environment and animal life.

What environmental conditions can influence heredity?

everything in the environment essential for sustaining life and the capacity to alter one's DNA like the UV rays

What effects does a Tsunami have on our environment?

the effect of a tsunami on life

What positive effect does carbon have on the environment?

it gives people a life

What is the total surroundings or all the conditions that effect the life and growth of living things called?


How has modernization effect the life of the animals and the environment?

because im awesome

What effect did photosynthetic cyanobacteria have on earth's environment?

Photosynthetic cyanobacteria were the first organisms to produce oxygen. The effect of their oxygen production was that the earth became an environment which was suitable for life.