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Have you spilt some on the radiator?

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Q: Why engine smokes and smells after adding antifreeze to 2001 Audi?
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Why 2001 Audi engine smokes after adding antifreeze and smells while idling?

It has a leak in the Cooling System Somewhere, It might have a cracked Head or a Blown gasket

Why did i replace the top radiator hose filled with antifreeze and the engine still smokes?

Because there is antifreeze int he system and it takes a while to burn through. Also replace the bottom hose too. <> If it smokes from under the hood, It has antifreeze on the engine exterior, You can wash it off. Or just drive it and it will burn off. If it smokes from the exhaust, There is engine damage.

What does Synyster Gates smell like?

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Could a bad head gasket cause low comp in 2 cylinders on an 01 sentra spec v It only has 50000 on it and it uses oil but smokes a lttle white and smells like antifreeze?

If the 2 cylinders are adjacient it is a pretty good bet that the head gasket is leaking and causing your problems

What is the problem if your 91 Acura Legend smokes but it smells like water and water comes out of the tailpipe?

Blown head gasket or cracked head.

Why your 1999 Montero Sport smokes and uses more engine oil than usual?

The engine is pooped.

Engine smokes and oil is getting in the cooling systum?

You have a blown head gasket.

Engine smokes at start up?

That would require fixing / replaceing the VALVE SEALS in the heads.

What are the potential problems of a smoking engine and how serious are they?

If it is white smoke you are burning antifreeze. blue smoke is oil. black smoke is fuel. if it smokes after it is warmed to operating temp. you need to have a mechanic look at it before you have to walk. Smoke right after starting (blue) is usually a sign of valve guide seals going bad.

When you start up the car it smokes a lot then it quits smoking it has no miss in the motor or anything different it just smokes?

the valve stem seals are probably dried up and leaking when engine is at rest

Car smokes grey out of exhaust and looses engine coolant what is the reason why it is doing this?

blown head gasket!