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Q: Why fallen leaves does not turn blueblack on being tested with iodine?
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Why do fallen leaves not turn blue black on being tested with iodine?

When the leaves fall down the supply of chlorophyll is stopped

Why do fallen Leaves not turn blue-black on being tested with iodine?

When the leaves fall down the supply of chlorophyll is stopped

A leaf was taken from a plant boiled with ethanol and tested with iodine solution what is it tested for?

Starch, I think, because iodine solution is the test for starch.

Name a substance that can be tested for using iodine?


Stain used to tested for the starch molecules?

iodine ~jackie

What is starch tested for?

Iodine solution turns blue/black

What compound does food contain if it turns black when tested with iodine?


What nutrient are you testing for if you use iodine?

Carbohydrates, especially starch, which is a polysaccharide carbohydrate. Starch turns deep purple when tested with iodine.

What substance is used to test for starch?

The presence of starch can be tested with the help of Iodine. Similarly Benedict's test solution is also used to detect the presence of starch.

Would the iodine solution change colour when it is tested on a slice of bread?


What is the answer A leaf was tested for starch the iodine solution stayed orange what does that tell you about the leaf?

the iodine stayed orange because the starch wasn't present

What would be the conclusion after testing a leaf for starch?

Starch is produced by leaves during Photosynthesis, therefore if the leaf has not been exposed to light then it will not contain starch, and so when tested the Iodine will stay Yellow/Brown. Consequently if the leaf has been left in the light Photosynthesis will have taken place and when tested the Iodine will go Blue/Black showing that Starch is present. Hope this helps :)