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it is important because the food service need food production to begin with.

example: apple trees ( food production) --> a food service ( apple pie)

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Food service is necessary because not all people can go home to cook a meal when attending a meeting or a school. People in a hurry need to have a source for food also.

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Q: Why food service establishment are necessary?
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What is self service?

self service in food service establishment

What is used in food service establishments to maintain equipment?

What is used in a food service establishment to maintain equipment?

What is a non-commercial food service establishment?

An establishment thats main goal is NOT to generate revenue

What particular food service establishment common in community?


Is a corner store a food service establishment?

some times

What are the factor of organizing food service establishment?

One of the factors that need to be considered when organizing a food service establishment is the flow of the food. Another factor is customer flow. A third consideration is flow of dirty dishes.

Factor consider of organizing establishment of food service?

sa amin

What are the objective of the food service?

The main objective of food service is provide quality food and service to patrons visiting the establishment. The objective is to have the customer return repeatedly and spend their money.

Factors t consider in organizing in food service establishment?

saan ba ha ,,

What is used in a food service establishment to maintain equipment?

Food service establishments use high quality cleaning methods to maintain equipment. A strict maintenance schedule is also kept by food service establishments in order to maintain equipment.

What type of business is subway?

Subway is a food service establishment, primarily serving submarine sandwiches.

What is the French's style of food service?

The French style of food service is the practice of serving various dishes of a meal at the same time. It is the type of food service practiced most commonly in the United States.