Why generally brothers are usually least concerned with sisters while sisters always show love and care towards brothers and expect same from him but mostly end up getting hurt?

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Girls usually are more keen to show their emotions and to show their love and care for a sibling, a friend, a family member et cetera et cetera. Boys are not that way. They usually keep their feelings to themselves. So the fact that the brother doesn't show much concern or care for the sister he still may love and care for her. Does that make sense? Boys just don't show that they care. It's nothing to take offensively. It's just a fact.
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Why does your husband never tell you he cares for or loves you and never show his emotions and complain about you behind your back to his sisters and only obey his brother-in-law and sister?

Answer . Some cultures will often do this such as Italians, East Indians, Asians. The man is held high in all those cultures, so it's up to the woman (in their eyes) to spoil the man and be there for his every request. They forget that we are in a Westernized culture now and it doesn't work.\n. ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you love your sister or brother?

Answer . If you know that if they were gone forever no way to ever see them again and you'd miss them beyond belief if they were'nt there. You know you love them. Think of what it be like without them. Not all the bad times but the good ones....almost everyone loves there siblings even if its hi ( Full Answer )

When you feel that your parents show more love and concern for a younger or an older brother or sister?

Answer . Its called middle child syndrome. I was one and always felt when growing up that my siblings got better breaks than me, Not true. Its all in perception Your older sibling gets allowed different things because of their age ( you will get these things later but wont notice because they h ( Full Answer )

Brother hurting sister?

yeah that does happen alot. brothers tease their sister or tell them what to do. it gets tiring after awhile when they are all grown up.

Do brothers and sisters have the same blood type?

Brothers and sisters do not necessarily have the same blood type. First, there are four blood types: A, B, AB, and O. But, each of these blood types has two elements, just as AB does. Blood type A is either AA or AO. Blood type B is either BB or BO. Blood type O can only be OO. Each parent contri ( Full Answer )

Do brothers and sisters have the same DNA?

Recombination means their DNA may have had the same origin, but it's mixed in a way that makes them look very different. Only identical twins have an identical genetic makeup.

What is love and why do you always end up getting hurt?

LOVE is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. LOVE makes the world go round. LOVE makes a person feels happy and wanted. LOVE gets you motivated. why you always end up getting hurt? that's a very subjective topic. But i guess maybe the person who hurt you is not meant for you. You wi ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth's brothers and sisters loved her?

Elizabeth and her brother Edward were close in age and enjoyed each others company. Mary believed Anne Boleyn was the cause of everything bad in Mary's life and her resentment towards her daughter Elizabeth increased as Elizabeth was older and a Protestant.

Why do brothers and sisters always fight?

Brothers and sisters fight because one of them annoy each other but in the end they get along together. Brothers and sisters are not suppose to fight they are friends.

Do brothers and sisters have same type of blood?

Brothers and sisters don't necessarily have the same blood type, though they have a higher chance of having the same type than when compared with a random stranger.

Can a brother and sister have the same chromosomes?

It is impossible for a brother and sister to have exactly the same chromosomes as the sex or gender chromosomes would have to be different for them to be boy and girl. Females have two X chromosomes and males an X ans a Y. This is why identical twins are always the same sex. Nix

Should you love your sisters and brothers?

Yes, we all that have brothers' and sisters' out there should be happy and joyful to have one. You should always try to love your family, including your siblings. You should be thankful because if you were the only child you would be bored and you would have nothing to do. But if you have a brother ( Full Answer )

How do i deal with my older sister she is always hurting me and i end up crying i are 12 and she is 14?

All you have to do is either stay away from her, OR ignore her. but the best way is to be like her, pretend to like what she likes but never make up like stupid jokes or whatever to see if she will laugh, that will make her think you're stupid. I have a 14 year old sister too and I'm only 10. She pu ( Full Answer )

Why older brothers turn over protective towards sister and always interferes in sisters life when it comes to dating or having boyfriends?

The old saying 'men know men and women know women' is exactly why older brothers want to protect their sisters because brothers are well aware of what some guys are up too with girls and that would not exclude his sister. Some guys are out for just sex and others are cheaters or heart breakers so in ( Full Answer )

Why my older brother hate me ignore me least concerned about me and doesn't care about me for no reason and he is not even little bit protective of his little sister like usually older brothers do?

Mines does that too Okay say if i die he will cry but when he is around his friends he'll always ignore mii but when wii homee hee talkss too mii andd playss withh mii maybe you shouldd try talkingg too him or telling your guardian or grandmother or any partt of your family or maybe somethings rong ( Full Answer )

Why is it that sisters always care about brothers and want his attention but brothers behave as if they don't care for their sister or don't express if they really care?

Men and boys in our society are not allowed to show emotion like women and girls can, so they hide it. Many boys are told while they are growing up that they have to "act like a man" or not be "sissy". This affects them their entire life in relationships with women and other men. If you notice most ( Full Answer )

Can a sister be in love with their brother?

It is against the law though Not really but I guess they could but it is very rare and if anything were to happen then their kids would most likely have defects and disformations. Hope that helped :)

What a double standard that brother interferes in sister's life people defend him as caring-protective while if sister interferes she is accused of being meddler - Why always blame women?

i may be a straight girl but all my friends are guys so i know the way both genders think and girls have always been helpless in the eyes of boys all your brother wants to do is help which some times they have a good point and cause of knowing them and boy have a long history of Independence which m ( Full Answer )

Why mostly brothers are superior than sisters?

I (being a girl) don't believe that brothers are superior to sisters, and tend to state that out loud. I was raised being informed that we are equals and should be treated that way. Also, SERIOUSLY Walmart! We derserve fair pay! Go women! RAH RAH, SIS BOOM BAH!

Why brothers dilute their love for their siblings after marriage while sisters always remain close and loyal to her siblings and will always love and support them even after getting married?

Because females are more comforting, loyal, honest and faithful than males. Males tend to get distracted by their social or working life very easily but females have the ability to balance their life and give equal attention to all their friends and family members. It doesn't apply to everyone thoug ( Full Answer )

Can brothers and sisters share the same DNA?

Brother or sister it doesn't matter they share an average of 50% of their DNA and identical twins DNA share 100%. Fraternal twins still share on average of 50% of their DNA.

Why in general majority of brothers ignore sisters especially after finding girlfriend or wife while sisters always wants brother's attention and make first move to stay in touch?

Because "sisters" always putting there self out there the wrong way. If i was a brother Id ignore it to. Im classy about everything I do. I never pursue a guy. If they want it they'll come and sometimes they get turned down or ignored if they dont come correct. Im very independent, dont need a man f ( Full Answer )

Why most brothers are apathetic towards sister even though sister will always be concerned about brothers?

Brothers are not apathetic to sisters they simple can not allow their weaker sibling to see them vulnerable as a subconscious desire to make them feel assured that their brothers are strong inside as well as outside. This is not apathy. Apathy is complete and total indifference to all things emotion ( Full Answer )

Why brothers always underestimate their sisters?

They don't always, but a good many of them normally do so because of how society is taught to view females, and females in their own family. Some do so out of pure concern in their sister taking on much more than she can handle in any case, so rather than expecting her to be able to handle anythi ( Full Answer )

How do you show your love to your brother and sister?

Spend time with them; if you have a younger sibling, realize thefact that they look up to you in every situation so try and be moreresponsible around them. DO NOT fight with them if they're much tooyoung but if they're older. Demonstrate your love for them bysacrifising; lend them a few hours of TV. ( Full Answer )

Why majority of brothers are apathetic towards their sisters especially once they find partner but they will never be apathetic for their brothers while sisters always care for brothers?

older brother act like that becuz either they are not good brothers. also due to the fact they only care what is going on in theor lives rite noe. but it could also mean they are acting like that becuz they are afraid to show their emotoions but are secretively hAPPY 4 U or they are suspicious of ur ( Full Answer )

Why most adult brothers are apathetic towards sisters and her kids while most sisters always care for brothers and his kids at any age?

It has always been up to the women in a family to plan social evenings so it would up to your brother's wife to make an effort to include you and your family into a social function every so often and you reciprocate. If social planning were left up to most average men the wife would lead a very bori ( Full Answer )

Why in general brothers change after marriage and don't care about their families while sisters always care about their siblings and families even after getting married and having kids?

I haven't taken a psych class or anything, but I think it has to do with western influence on gender roles. Women tend to be more nurturing: even though they leave the family, they may still have a sense to care and tend to them. Men on the other hand may focus more on being the "bread-winner" and n ( Full Answer )