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Why hairy people refused to get a hug while they are shirtless in the locker room eventhough no one is around and why don't they get a wax?


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January 04, 2012 6:32PM

I used to be in an athletic club, and other guys said that I was the guy with the most amount of hair on his legs, arms, chest and shoulders, I refused to let anyone hug me even if I won a race, this was because I tend to sweat a lot after running. The question is a bit strange, how can you get a hug in the locker room if no person is there?? As being shirtless, this is because I would be changing for a shower before going into my normal clothes. I would never ever dream of getting a wax, this is a fad, you should remain as hairy as nature intended. One of the reasons that I have hairy legs is that between the ages of 7 to 19. before I went into athletics, I cycled a lot, a got hairy legs about 13 to 15 when I cycled during these years, the girls used to call me 'hello hairy legs', actually I was quite pleased about that, at least people noticed, since then, as I say hairs have extended to other parts of my body, I am no longer in the athletic club. I won a hairy chest competition one year when I was on holiday with my wife and 2 children, I was quite proud of that. I notice that my son has started to get hairy legs and he has promised me that he will never cut, wax or trim any hair on his body , that pleases me as he is in todays generation that do these daft things.