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Google Earth like any software application sometimes fails to work. In many cases you can simply reboot the computer, re-install Google Earth or clear the local disk cache used by Google Earth, and it will work again.

Google provides a list of common solutions to deal with Google Earth crashing. Check out the related link below.

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Q: Why has Google Earth stop working on this computer?
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Why isn't Google Earth working?

Google Earth is a software application, and like most software it can stop working by freezing or crashing. Why a particular instance of Google Earth stops working depends on a number of things including the OS platform (e.g. Windows), version of Google Earth (7.1.1, 6.2.2, etc), type of hardware/drivers, etc.Google provides help on how to troubleshoot the common problems of Google Earth on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Visit a help center web site or click "Help" in Google Earth Help menu.

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