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Q: Why has nature given small feet to rat while an elephant has huge feet?
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How big can an elephant get while it's small?

a baby elephant is 10 ft long

Is the lion the king of beasts?

because the lion can take down an elephant while a tiger avoids an elephant but it takes a while for the lion to take the elephant down

What distinction does Hobbes make between the laws of nature and the laws of society?

In laws of society, liberty is taken away while in Laws of nature, Liberty is given to men.

Does the father elephant stay with mom elephant while the baby is born?


Is it true that if you see a white elephant you will die?

Strictly speaking, yes. It's also true that if you don't see a while elephant you will die, because everybody dies, eventually.In other words: there's no correlation between seeing a white elephant and dying. There may be a small correlation between seeing a white elephant and dying from being trampled upon by a white elephant, though.

What is a mommy and elephant called?

The adult female elephant is called a cow, while the adult male elephant is called a bull.

What is a cow elephant?

A female elephant is known as a cow, while a male is called a bull.

How do you reduce the brittle nature of pf resin while curing?

The brittle nature of resin can be reduced while curing by applying a small amount of heat. This will allow the material to set more slowly and form a stronger bond.

Is an elephant loyal?

An elephant can be loyal only if u dont bother the elephant while itz sleeping... or when itz eating... thts it fron me!

What is the symbiotic relationship of an elephant and a bird?

the bird cleans and grooms the elephant while the elephant provides the bird with food (bugs, etc)

What is the difference between the trunk of the African elephant and the trunk of the Indian elephant?

The trunk of an Indian elephant ends in one 'finger' while the African elephant's trunk ends with two.

Which animal does not close its eyes while sleeping?