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Q: Why has your everything gone small on your computer?
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Related questions

What size is consider a small computer?

There are a lot of small or TINY computers. A tablet is just like a small computer. It does everything that a computer does. Except it is just small. I have one tablet.

How do you fix a computer when all the text goes really small?

Without knowing where on the computer the text has gone really small it is hard to help you. If the text has gone small on the desktop when you start up the computer then you need to make the text larger through the screen resolution part of your operating system. If the text has gone small in a word processing program then you will need to select the text and change the font size of that text.

What do science have to do with computers?

it has to do with everything. light is one of the small things in a computer but it generates everything. and a light bulb is science. so basically everything works in a computer from science.

What can be saved following a computer crash?

There are computer services out there who can retrieve data from your harddrive, if the system is totally gone and you have not reformatted the drive. If the computer just went down, and you can get it to come up again, the document you were working on may either be gone or just partially gone, depending on the last time you saved. Everything else should be okay.

What will happen to your computer files if you format?

Unless you back them up your going to lose them. Id recommend you back them up to an external HD. Once you format your computer everything is lost, all your files, all your settings, everything is gone. Though if your only formatting to get rid of private data, don't just assume its gone for good. Youv'e just made it a tad harder to get them that's all. But generally speaking, format your computer and you have lost everything.

When was Everything's Gone Green created?

Everything's Gone Green was created in 1981-12.

When was Everything's Gone Green - film - created?

Everything's Gone Green - film - was created in 2006.

How do you get the task bar on the bottom of a computer screen back?

you might have to shut down your computer and then turn it back on.It worked for me but sadly everything i had up on the screen is now gone forever.:,( -spottedleaffan

What is minicomputer?

A mini computer is a small main frame. The mini computer is usually used for everything that a large main frame can do, but has less storage space.

What are the functions for R.A.M?

RAM - Random Access Memory, stores your working data on the computer. These are applications running on the computer, and everything that you do while on a computer. What happens when you turn your computer off?ITS GONE.After you shut down your computer all that memory is lost.

How do you know that tsunami is gone?

the tsunami is gone when everything is dead and nothing is alive

Whenever you plug your iPod touch into the computer it says you need to restore it If you restore it will you be able to keep all your apps and songs that you downloaded from the iPod?

once restored, everything is gone!

When you boot up your computer a small program starts?

You are probably thinking of the BIOS - a "health-check" which checks that everything is working correctly.

What are 5 examples for computer slogan?

computer has gone outdoor

How do you sign in to an existing itunes account on your computer if it has been previously deleted by a computer restore?

You can't once it's gone, its gone.

Is everything I write copyrighted?

No! Because not everything you say is gone through the government

What does a computer use a CPU for?

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) or simply Proccessor is the small chip that controls and runs everything in the computer. If it wasn't for that the computer would do NOTHING. The most popular ones are Pentiums and the new Core 2 Duo

What are the small scale applications of computer?

Small scale application of computer

What are some uses for the binary system on the computer?

Everything. As far as the computer is concerned, everything is 1s and 0s.

Does a computer know everything?

NO. A computer only knows what is put into it by humans and humans don't know everything so it stands to reason that since humans don't know everything and humans put stuff into computers the computer would not know everything.

What are computer hardwares?

Computer hardware is everything physical in the computer (everything you can touch). Software, on the other hand, is everything non-physical in your computer. Windows 7 and Internet Explorer are softwares, graphics card and PSU (Power Supply Unit) are hardwares.

How do you remove a virus without harming your computer?

Well, without harming your computer, i would say that everything is risky. Reinstall your Operating System, but before you reformat and reinstall the OS. Backup all your important files on CD and Email, and another computer. Once you reinstall, the virus will be completely gone, risk-free.

What are the ratings and certificates for Everything's Gone Green - 2006?

Everything's Gone Green - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:NC-16 USA:R

Can an iPad do everything that a computer can?

No a computer can do much more

What computer's can do?