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Because of the presidents power to call a special session

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Why have is special sessions lost their importance?

Only the president can call congress into special session. Only 26 special sessions have been held,the last one was in 1948. The president can call congress or each of its houses. The senate has been called into special session 46 occasions last was 1933.

What can be discussed at special sessions?


Who calls special sessions of legislature?

the governor

What are the release dates for AOL Sessions - 2002 The Lost Trailers?

AOL Sessions - 2002 The Lost Trailers was released on: USA: 3 May 2006

What are the extra sessions of the general assembly called?

The extra sessions of the general assembly just like at the federal level are called "special sessions".

Why is Congress rarely called in to Special Sessions today?

why not

The president can call special sessions of congress?


Special sessions of the legislature can only be called by the?

a special session of the legislature can only be called for by the

What branch can call special sessions of congress?

The legislative branch.

Who in Missouri can call Special Sessions of the General Assembly?


Which branch can call special sessions of congress?

Executive-mainly the president

What month did Garth Brooks release an exclusive edition of Lost Sessions?


Who can propose bills and call special sessions of congress?

the judicial and the legislative departments

Who has the power to call special sessions of the legislature for emergency state business?


The Texas governor can call how many special sessions of the legislature?

as many as he wants.

Have books lost importance with the popularity of the internet?

nowadays there is a book on every topic you can think of !!! book hv thee special impotance as compared 2 internet

What is a unscheduled session of congressis called?

An unscheduled session of congress is called a special session. These special sessions can be called by the President.

What is the importance of special effects?

There is great importance in having special effects. These special effects can play a large part in how someone perceives or understands the art being presented.

How does the judicial branch act as a check on the execuive branch?

can call special sessions of congress

How long does the UN general assembly last?

The General Assembly meets in regular yearly sessions which last from September to December, although it can reconvene for special and emergency sessions.

What is the word that means essential of special importance?

The word is crucial. It means of great importance.

What are the powers of the Executive branch?

veto bills call special sessions to congress and enforced laws

How many special sessions may the governor call the legislature during an interim?


What is the Role and importance of special library?

The role and importance of the special library is to store and archive very important information. The information can then be used as reference in the near future.

Powers of the executive branch?

Calling special sessions of Congress APEX

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