Why have you had to replace 10 alternators on your 88 Camry and it still does not charge for verry long?

Answer 1

Once in a very great while, it is possible to get a defective replacement alternator or generator, BUT 10 in a row borders on the impossible.

Therefore, your problem IS NOT the alternator[s]. Therefore, the problem falls in one of two areas.

First, it is possible that you somehow have used the wrong part number, or wrong replacement alternator.

The other problem is that there is some kind of fault somewhere in the vehicle's electrical system which is causing the alternator failures.

If this is the problem, it sounds like you need a very highly experienced and qualified automotive electronics technician. Obviously, whoever has replaced the alternator 10 times, without realizing that the alternator[s] cannot be the problem is either a "shade tree mechanic," or a total novice.

Take your vehicle to a very highly experienced automotive electronics technician, who will have the diagnostic equipment to determine what and where the defect in the wiring system is.

With that knowledge, the problem can be corrected, and barring any other defects occurring thereafter, the next replacement alternator should work properly and not fail.