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He didn't only kill jews, he killed homosexuals, gypsies and many other groups, including millions of victims of warfare. Why he did is up for debate, but I'd guess a mixture of anti-semitism stemming from religious hatred and a means to an end (a common way to gain power is to make your country hate or fear a common enemy).

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Q: Why hitler killed the jew?
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Did hitler kill himself because he was a jew?

No, Hitler was not a Jew, he killed himself because Germany was losing the war.

Is it true that Hitler killed himself because he found out that he was a jew and found out he was killing his own kind?

No, Hitler was not a Jew and he killed himself because Germany was losing the war.

Was Eva braun a Jew?

Eva Braun was not a Jew. If she was, her husband Hitler would have killed her on the spot

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How did Hitler find out that he was a Jew?

Hitler was not a Jew.

Why does hitler kill jews if he 2 is a jew?

Hitler was not a Jew, he was a Roman Catholic.

How many Jew died in World War 2?

Hitler and the Nazi killed six million Jews.

What are the reason for killing them?

There was no reason Hitler should have done that! he should have killed him self because he was part Jew!

How did they find out Hitler was a Jude?

Hitler was not a Jew.

Did Hitler kill himself because he found out he was a Jew?

No, he killed himself because he lost WWII. See the related question.

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Hitler killed 5000 and 1 fell over in jurusalam and hit his head and died

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The holocaust killed people because Hitler was stupid, and wanted to kill his own people! Hitler was a Jew, so he just wanted to get rid of them.

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Hitler was a Jew according to his standards. He believed that even if one of your grandparents were Jewish, then you were too. It's also believed that Hitler was gay. He killed both Jews, and gays, thus making him a hypocrite.

Was Hitler a Jew too?

No, Hitler was not Jewish. Hitler was an active Anti-Semite.

How did Hitler treat otherr people?

he treated people badly espeacialy the jews he killed more than 11million jew how cruel is that!

Who is Frank Olson and why did he get killed?

anne frank got killed because of adolf Hitler people who were not Jews accept to kill all the Jews and bring them to concentration camps she got killed because she was a Jew

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No, Hitler was not a Jew.

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Was Hitler ever in love with a Jew?


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