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Why honor parents who lie to their child?


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It depends on the lie. Stuff like Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy don't count. Some other things can be negotiable. I agree that not all parents DESERVE respect and honor just because they happened to procreate. I believe that parents need to earn their respect, it should not simply be mandatory because there are some truly awful people who call themselves parents out there.

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Most teens lie to their parents because they are afraid of them. Some parents go overboard when they hear their teen child did something bad. If parents would actually take the time to listen to the child and understand in their perspective maybe teens won't lie that much.

You do know that all people are different.

The Bible says a child should honor his parents so that he may live a long life. The first commandment with a promise. Of course as soon as we break it, then the promise doesn't apply.

he get lots of responsibility and his parents are honor to have a child as Jonas.

Of course. This is mostly a position of honor for those chosen, and there is no implication that the two, if there are two, are married. The idea is that god parents assure that the child will be raised Christian in the event that something happens to the parents.

Their rights start where the parents' rights begin. If the parents are actively parenting, the child is thriving and nothing illegal is going on, then the grandparents are honor bound to support, not supplant, the parents. If the parents are out of the picture, the grandparents can certainly apply to become guardians of the child.

The reason parents lie is often to protect their children, or to protect themselves.

If you mean lie by telling them the Easter bunny exists, then yes, parents do tell their children that harmless lie, just as their parents did before them.It brings a sense of innocence and enjoyment in childhood so that when the child grows, they are appreciative of the moments when they were young and all they believe in was true to them, even if only for a little while.

I'm sorry to say that parents do lie to you. And no matter how much they say, "no I didn't lie", there lyingThat does not mean to not trust your parents because your parents are probaly only lying because your to young to know or because its something you won't understand.Parents don't want to lie but sometimes they have to for your own good...

Generally, a child honors his/her parents by obeying their rules and acting appropriately in the community to represent their parents appropraitely. To bring honor to one's parents, one must do what they are instructed to do unless it violates God's commands. The above is correct, but also if we do not obey and honor our parents whom we can see, how are we going to honor and obey God whom we can't see. Jesus made a comparison something like this when he was here. The above is also correct. Just wanted to add that if you want to honor your parents, follow their rules, and respect their answer the first time. Don't go behind their back, especially by doing something you wouldn't do if your parent was standing right there.

well they want to have you to believe in him but there not lying by the way wen i was a little girl my parents proved to me that santa was real written by Lucy im 46

Honor they father and thy mother so that your days may be long on this earth the fifth commandment that has a promise with it honor your parents and live long or dishonor your parents and have life shortend

No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.

Ephesians 6:2-3: Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

Mainly to protect you.

it is very important for children to honor there parents because the parents made them and gave them life. They should respect them because they would have nothing if it was not for their parents. So disrespecting your parents is very wrong

The fifth one it says"Honor your father and your mother

The bible says, we should honor our parents and wife as well.

Listen, respect, and obey them

who ws the child that divorced his parents and what year did he do it

A child without parents is an orphan.

If the grandparents have had custody the parents of the child have to pay them child support. If you by child care mean daycare that is also the parents who pay for that.

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