Why in general brothers hating their sisters stories are more commonly heard compared to sisters hating their brothers and same sex siblings hating each other?

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I haven't really thought of any situation as more common than the others, but I think it's because younger brothers tend to consider their sisters as "pests" and older brothers consider their sisters as "spoiled brats" (as a younger sister I have plenty of experience with that). Hope this helps! :)
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How do you get along with your sister if you hate each other because you have two different worlds?

Answer Sadly enough, I lost my sister for about three years, Then, she got pregnant and lost her baby. SInce then, we dont agree on everything, but we have come to realize how much we need eachother. I recently suffered depression, and the only thing thst helped me out of it was knowing that my sis ( Full Answer )

Why do you hate your sister?

Since it is your life and you may have your own personal reasons, only you can answer your question.

What do you do if you hate your sister?

Deep down, it isn't possible you hate your sister. Hate is a strong word. If you find your sibling annoying, then you can tell them how you feel and how you would like them to stop. If this doesn't work, try telling your parents about it. Remember, you can't hate a sibling, since they are one of you ( Full Answer )

How do you deal with a sister you hate?

Its sad that you feel this way, my sisters used to be like that, they always had fights. but when they got older they started to realize that they are sisters and they should get along. so when you're older like 20 or up you and your sister will get along. well it depends if their older or younger, ( Full Answer )

Why does your sister hate you?

Well have you ever done something to her ?? now i know how you feel cuz im23 and my mom and i don't talk to each other because i beat my sister at a contest and my mom was mad at me ever since and because i was always smarter then my sister. well my sister didn't talk to me up until 3 years ago. so ( Full Answer )

Why do you hate and love your sister at the same time?

Well i know how it fells to hate and love a sister at the same time because i hav two of them. One is 10 that is most anoying and one that is 5 that is not so anoying she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooo CUTE.. Well i know how it fells to hate and love a sister at the same time be ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your sister hates you?

just punch her kick her fight back because if she doesnt care to hurt you don't be afraid to hurt her its that simple but DONT GET COUGHT HURTING THE LIL ONE you will get i a lot of trouble by your parent If she hates you and you did nothing don't at ALL say sorry and if she is being mean here ar ( Full Answer )

Should you hate your sister?

You shouldn't really hate anyone, as one of the ten commandment is love you neighbour as you love yourself. No I do not believe in God. I have a sister and at times I hate her. It also depends on what reasons you've got for hating her. If it's just because she's annoying you shouldn't hate her, you' ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your sister-in-law you hate her?

Don't tell her directly just drop hints i know it sounds childish but try not to be interested in what she says and ignore her and when she talks to you make up a lame excuse to get away.She'll soon get the point. :)

What to do if you hate your sister?

Answer You talk to her about why you think you hate her, and discuss how you can make this relationship better. Just try talking to her and work it out nicely. Answer Hate is a destructive emotion, and can do you more harm than you realise - negative mental states can exacerbate stress con ( Full Answer )

Why does your brother hate you?

Since boys are less expressive compared to girls, it is common that they channel their emotions in a different way, much different than what girls would do. Your brother doesn't hate you, he loves you and he doesn't think it is right for him to show it in an affectionate way which would result to hi ( Full Answer )

Why does your brother hate his sister?

At a young age of childhood boys and girls rarely get along for a lot of reasons. Boys like tough things like sports, cars, GI.Joe, etc. Girls like delicate things like tea parties, flowers and Barbies. This often makes them not understand each other and cause conflicts between one another. Duri ( Full Answer )

You hate your step sisters?

No, because they aren't my real sisters, so I can have sex with them. Plus, they are really, really hot.

Why do sister hate there brothers?

well because now they think they just cant handle them and they want to just get away but later in life brothers and sisters are going to need each other but family has their times were they cant stand each other its normal.

Do the Jonas brothers hate each other in real life?

The Jonas Brothers tour with each other, hang out with each other and live with each other. They have a very strong bond between them and I don't think anything can break that.

Why do your brothers and sisters hate you?

Your question brought back memories, my friend. Families and the inner relationships they create are just difficult sometimes. You and your siblings didn't choose to be in each others' lives; it just happened. Arguments between brothers and sisters are very, very common. You all share the same histo ( Full Answer )

What to do when you hate your sister?

be mean so she will hate you too I have the same problem. My sister acts like she owns me and like I'm stupid. The fact is though, she's just jealous that I have more talent than her in music, and that I get better grades than her. Plus she's lazy. Today she stopped watching TV to go practice piano ( Full Answer )

Why does my younger brother hate me his older sister when he has only one?

He may just be going through stages, on the way to adulthood, or he could be jealous of your being older and having more freedom, and authority over yourself.. He could also resent you for past mistreatment, like teasing him or leaving him out of activities, or not being there when he needed someon ( Full Answer )

What to do if your brother hates you?

Well, first make sure he does hate you. Okay,thats done... Usally you dont like them either. You dont? He begains to fight...Firgt key ALLWAYS FIGHT BACK! Second if he hits kicks bites ect. cathch him in the act..TELL FAST Fake tears work only if your good though and only if you have a reason dont m ( Full Answer )

Why do sisters hate brothers?

I'm a sister myself and so I understand... sisters usually hate brothers because they are dirty, foul and live differently to them. Also, usually brothers pick on their sisters. Another perfectly good reason is that sisters notice that their brothers act strangely, or because they demand attention, ( Full Answer )

Is it common for siblings to hate each other?

It's a stereotype. But some people have horrible siblings, like 19 year-old drug addicts with a 3 year-old kid that they don't care about and they are constantly drinking and feeding all their stupid a$$ druggie friends with the food their mother bought.

What do you do when you hate your brother?

I have a younger brother... Try these things and see if they help. . Ignore him. . Tattle on him about everything that he does. . blackmail him. If those don't work, sorry I don't know.

Why you hate your sister?

Little sisters mainly hate their big sisters. Because sometimes big sisters take it way to far just like my big sister takes it way to far she is pretty much 20 years old and i am pretty much 12. So we have an 8 year difference. She records me when i sleep then she posts it on the internet and shows ( Full Answer )

You hate your brother?

I don't have a brother, so no. If you do, it's probably nothing more than sibling rivalry. You will eventually get over it.

What are 10 reasons why you hate your sister?


What do you do when your brothers and sisters hate you?

I will try do every thing which he or she likes, to just improve the condition of the relationship and convert weak bond into strong. As long as you are kind and respectful to them, if they are 'normal' people, they will treat you the same in return. If not, they are the ones with the problem, not ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your sister thinks you hate her?

Ask her a weird question & maybe you two will laugh together. Or tell her a joke. *Hope this helps! (: Do something spicail like if its neer her b-day throw her the best party ever

In general which pair of siblings are more likely to get along - brother-brother or sister-sister or older brother-little sister or older sister-little brother?

It depends. Im a girl & I have an older sister and we get along just fine, but I know some of my other friends that are girls and have sisters and dont get along with them. Some brothers get along very well, and others dont at all. It just depends on what kind of relationship you have with your othe ( Full Answer )

Why some brothers start hating their sisters after getting a girlfriend?

He is probably just trying to impress his girlfriend by being mean to other girls showing her that she is the only one even though they are his sister/s. Or maybe his girlfriend just feels threatens that they're around him especially if his sister/s were/are close to him. However, it may be becaus ( Full Answer )

Why majority of brothers hate or dislike their sisters as compared to brothers and that too even at adult age - its not my situation?

Honestly, in my experiences with most of my friends, they always used to (myself included) complain about our little sisters. Now, I'm pretty close to my sister. I think at a young age you get a little too much of each other, plus the crazy teen years with the sister =S. Once I moved away, it seemed ( Full Answer )

Can your sister make your daughter hate you?

Anyone can make your daughter hate you if you don't have an on-going, good relationship with your daughter and your daughter is open to the influence of the other person. It depends on many factors, starting with what Sis tells her about you.

What can you do if a step sister hates you and your little sister?

Your step sister may not hate you, but be jealous of you and your sister. Be sure that your parents treat her equally to you and your sister and you can do this by simply watching your parents actions or how they speak to your step-sister and to you and your sister. If you think she is being treated ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you love your sister but she hates you?

Okay firstly, your sister can not "hate" you, it is mentally impossible. I prosume you are young because this should not be a worry in your head and unless you are 100% sure that she "hates" you then i think she should seek medical help because its not normal to hate your sister. She could just be i ( Full Answer )

My parents adore my sister but hate me?

They might love you but just treat you worse cause they don't want you to turn out like a spoilt brat or something like that. So they actually care about you more

What to do when you have a hateful big sister?

Let her go. Accept that she has psychological issues about your presence that are a) not your fault and b) about which you can do nothing to help her. It is not your fault that you are the focus of her insecurities. You are not to blame. You have a right to be here, even though she believes, deep do ( Full Answer )

What to do if you hate your sisters best friend?

The obvious answer would be to try and limit your interaction, but a lot of times that's not possible. First you should try to be nice to her/hang with them. You may find out she's not so bad. If you do this or have done this and you still can't stand them, try to limit your interaction with them. ( Full Answer )