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Why is 360 better than PS3?

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the crappy ps3 is still getting hacked with their crappy Sony company while Microsoft is better and don't underestimate its company. i rather buy a 360 were i can update it myself have my own personal account, i can feel save playing; while the ps3 wants to be updating every crap it loads to much, it needs a fan, why does it have a blue ray there just trying to squeeze everything in a system to come to the total of the price. plus why get a console that only holds up 256MG while it hold 8 cores id expect it to have more memory. i rather buy one without a hard drive and update it myself. if one of those cores die, you'll be lucky enough to have a warranty.

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Why is the PS3 better then the Xbox 360?

The ps3 is not better than xbox 360. Whatever ps3 has, xbox 360 has it better.

Are you sure PS3 is better than Xbox 360?

ps3 is alot better than xbox 360

Is GTA4 better on PS3 and why?

for xbox 360 ofcorce. xbox 360 is better than ps3

Who is better PS3 or Xbox 360?

this is a fact ps3 is way better than xbox 360

Why is xbox 360 better than the ps3?

Xbox is NOT better than PS3, it is different.

Is xbox 360 arcade better than PS3?

No the new PS3 are easily better than an old Xbox 360 model

Are Xbox 360 better than the PS3?

The ps3 rocks

Is the PS3 or xbox 360 better?

PS3 is better, the graphics are sharper and there are not many errors and the Xbox 360 there are many errors, PS3 games are cheaper and the PS3 is cheaper. So PS3 is way better than Xbox 360. I hope that you get PS3!

Is the xbox360elite better than a PS3?

No ps3 is way better than xbox 360 Elite by a mile

Which is better PS3 or Nintendo 360?

The PS3 is much better than a Nintendo Wii and the Xbox makes the Xbox 360 not Nintendo and the PS3 is much better than the Xbox 360 4 GB model at least, if not all models

Is xbox 360 console better than PS3?

PS3 and Xbox 360 are almost alike but I wud say 360

Does te ps3 have better graphics than the xbox 360?

Yes,ps3 has better graphics!

Is the Xbox or PS3 better?

the xbox 360 elite slim is better than a ps3 but the ps3 is better then xbox arcade and premium

Is a ps3 better than an xbox 360?

ps3 in almost every way

Is alone in the dark For The Ps3 Better Than The xbox 360 version?


Is PS3 slim better than xbox 360 elite?

there is no ps3 slim

Is Xbox better than the PS3?

ps3 is better than the xbox 360 and the xbox was just junk not as good as a PS2

Is the xbox360 better than the PS3?

PS3 are way better than xbox 360 xbox 360's stink like dodo sky on it is £40 a year just get frreview + on ps3 for free XBOX 360 stink like pig poo GET A PS3 WAY BETTER WORTH THE MOONEY£££

Which is better 360 or ps3?


How is the PS3 better than the XBOX 360?

ps3 is beter becouse xbox has sucky hd

What is better PS3 or x box 360?

PS3 because on the ps3 online is free but on x box 360 you gotta pay just to go online and you can watch bbc 3 on ps3 and that why ps3 better than xbox 360 ps3 is also the best because the controls are easier to use.

Which has better grahics ps3 or the xbox 360 elite?

ps3 has better grafics than any other gaming console

Is xbox 360 black better than PS3?

The name does not describe a model of Xbox 360

Is PS3 overrated?

No. Actually on the contrary the 360 is overrated. Everyone says the 360 is better than the PS3. WRONG They are about the same in my eyes. I am a PS3 fan, but if someone has a 360 and there's no PS3 around I'll settle. But the PS3 has more features.

Why does ps3 have better graphics than xbox 360?

Both the same.