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APA style is generally used in psychology, education and social sciences. It provides a standardized format of writing and citing to make the paper easier to follow.

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2010-05-28 11:24:38
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2009-09-06 18:26:16

APA (American Psychological Association) style of writing is the most commonly used format within the Social Sciences.

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Q: Why is APA formatting important?
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Types of abbreviations allowed in apa formatting?

Acronyms are abbreviations allowed in APA formatting.

What is the definition of APA formatting?

APA formatting has to with how you cite sources in a research paper. The is an APA manual available to purchase. Most libraries have a copy for non checkout use.

How do you cite sources on WikiAnswers?

For example, if you were to cite the question: What does apa formatting mean?Cite for reference page:What does apa formatting mean. (n.d.). In, The world's leading Q&A site. Retrieved October 23, 2009, fromWhat_does_apa_formatting_meanIn text, after you write your information, cite by ("What does apa formatting mean", n.d.)

When formatting a paper in APA style font style should be?

The rule of font style is a few of the common rules of APA formatting. When formatting a paper in APA style the font style should be Times New Roman. Times New Roman is recommended while the Arial font is suggested for image captions.

What specific APA formatting will be used when writing your body paragraphs?


What are the apa rules?

There are too many rules to list in this venue. See the related link for a good resource on APA formatting.

Where can one find out more information on APA formating?

One can find out more and learn more about APA formatting with online resources and online classes for writing. In addition, continuing education classes in near colleges can help one learn more about APA formatting.

Do you need to cite something if you mention it in APA formatting?

No you don't. Listen, if you mention it in APA form, the citywide people will banish you from this state.

Is there any difference between mla and apa formatting?

Yes, there are many differences.

There are no significant differences between MLA and APA formatting. True or False?


What is the spacing for acidemic apa formated paper?

There is a specific rule or guideline for spacing in APA formatting style. The spacing should be double spaced for academic APA formatted paper.

Are books underlined?

In APA formatting style books are underlined. In APA paper every longer works like books and journals are underlined.

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