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I dont know why but i think you can just buy an iphone off Amazon.com or overstock.com and put in your own phone company sim card into it. (EX: like I could put my T-Mobile SIM card into the iPhone.)

Yeah that would not be a good idea to put a different phone company sim card into another phone company phone. that person is DREAMIN!

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Do you have to unlock every iPhone?

No. You only need to unlock an iPhone if you want to use a different cell phone company with your iPhone.

How much would it cost to get unlimited minutes on the iphone?

only your phone company can answer that question

Which phone is a suitable replacement?

I would recommend going to the iPhone especially with Sprint. They are the only company that has unlimited data .

What phone company does Justin Bieber have on his phone?

Justin bieber has an iPhone andd blackberry bold. so he has AT&T (: att only has the bberry bollddd...!

Can you have 2 cell phone numbers on 1 iPhone?

Although the iPhone comes from the cellular carrier with only one number and line, there is an application that allows the iPhone to have two numbers and phone lines at once. The Line2 application, developed by Toktumi Inc. allows the iPhone to have a fully-featured second phone line. The company offers personal and business line packages.

Can you get an iPhone app for a normal phone not an iPhone?

no, iphone apps are only made to work with iphones, not other phones...

How do you get an iPhone 4?

You can purchase an iPhone 4 from Verizon Wireless or ATT. Those are the only two certified wireless carriers of the Apple iPhone. To buy the phone it is $199 for a 16 GB and $299 for a 32 GB phone with a new 2-year contract or contract renewal from either company.

Which phone company for the iPhone 4S doesn't need a contract?

Currently, you can buy an unlocked, carrier contract free iPhone for $549. The only carrier that is contract for at the moment is T-Mobile, who's iPhone 4S 16GB is also $549.

Are iPhone 3g's rubbish?

No, the only phone with higher quality is the iPhone 3G[S], and the new iPhone that isn't out for you yet.

Is an iPhone 4S better or an iPhone 4G?

There no such phone as an iPhone 4G, only a 4, a 4S, a 3G and a 3-GS

Can iPhone People on Apple IPod Nano?

No, its an MP3 player. You can only phone peole on the IPhone.

How do i get a free iPhone?

The only way to get a 'free' iPhone - is to get one on a contract with a mobile phone company. However - it will never be truly free - as you pay for it with the monthly 'rental' fee during your minimum term of the contract.

Is the iPhone 5 a good phone?

Yes i have it and it is a great phone! That is only my opinion though...

Is iPhone bluetooth only for iPhone?

Original Answer by Robertfalco Edited by Arianna Lovendino iPhone Bluetooth is only for iPhone. You cannot send songs or things like that to any other phone brand.

Can you get zombie farm on a phone?

You can only get it on the ipod, iphone, or ipad.

What is the difference between the iPhone and the itouch?

Iphone can have 3g (wifi source), a phone, a camera, a mic, and some apps are iphone only.

What are the iPhone brands?

The iPhone is made by Apple Inc. Apple is the only company that makes iPhones.

Does the iPhone have a memory card slot?

The iPhone is the only phone as of now that can not have the memory increased with the use of a memory stick or micro sd card. The only slot on the phone is for the sim card.

What windows based phone is equal to an iphone?

You should want a Nokia windows phone. It is not only equal to Iphone but it is better. It is nearly indestuctable unlike the Iphone. Go to WP7connect.com for more information

How do you get a phone for free?

You can get a iPhone or safelink phone for free. You can get an iPhone by usually searching free offers. The only way you could get a safelink or trackfone phone is if you are 59 and up or have some or no money. :-)

Can you do video calls on iphone 4 to any phone?

no because on facetime you can only use it on other iphone 4s

What cell phone companys cell the iphone?

In the US it is only AT&T.

Does apple watch work with galaxy phone?

No, it only works with the iPhone.

Is the pare phone real?

No, it's only the iCarly version of the iPhone.

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