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Because of all the dangerous animals .

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Journeys across africa are dangerous because there is little to eat and to drink and there is a lot of people out there that can kill you for fun. This answer was made by Brandon

they were from the west coast of Africa because it was easyer to get to and they didnt have to go into dangerous waters

Africa survives on meat from an animal and water from a dirty stream. Although it is dangerous!

Early exploration and missionary efforts in Africa were very dangerous because people would often get injured because of their believes.

Adventures in Africa No- 9 Dangerous Trails - 1931 was released on: USA: August 1931

hippos are the most dangerous animals to humans in africathen elephantsthen lions etc...Don´t forget the malaria mosquito and its disease-inducing microorganism.

usually no. but some frogs in Africa can be poisonous and dangerous

Rhinos are or can be located in Africa and are very dangerous in their territory.

In South Africa a bodyguard get paid depending on the VIP level. This depends on how dangerous the job is.

No.Well, that being said, it depends on which part of Africa you are visiting. A place like Cape Town is fine, but the Wilderness of Africa is very dangerous.

The Hippopotamus kills more people in Africa each year than any other animal.

Many parts of the world have dangerous sharks but i would say Hawaii is pretty dangerous because three sharks that will attack humans live there. spots in Africa and south America are dangerous.

Hippo. Hippos are the most dangerous animal in all of Africa, more dangerous than a crocodile, lion, hyena, cape buffalo, rhino, or elephant.

An example of flashback in The Most Dangerous Game is when Rainsford is being hunted and he thinks back to a time when he was in Africa.

Black Mamba is a Reptile. It is a venomous and dangerous snake from Africa.

A black mamba is an incredibly fast and dangerous snake in Africa

some social injustices are mining and how dangerous it can be

A dangerous trade route connecting western Africa to the coast of the mediterranean sea.

Hippos are the most dangerous of the larger animals in Africa.

Yes. Hippo's are actually the most dangerous mammals in the continent of Africa, far more dangerous than elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo or even crocodiles.

They're one of the most dangerous animals on the planet! Excluding mosquito-related deaths, they kill more people in Africa than any other species!

Black Mambas live in Africa, the congo, not Australia.