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He is not angry. He just did cuz he was bored.


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He was so angry sparks were flying out of his head. He was so angry there was steam coming out of his ears.

Germans are so angry because they are superior.

because the pigs are annoying them because its name is angry birds

It will be hard to make it so you're never angry, it will be easier to find methods to help you when you are angry.

mostly its depression or they have been treated the same way when the were a kid

The woman was angry after she found her husband was cheating on her.Never go near an angry elephant.Angry is an adjective in a sentence. It means to be mad or very disappointed.Her dad was very angry when she came home two hours later than she had said.That horse was so angry, it could kill someone."I'm just so angry at him," Stace said, frowning.

Everyone gets yes :)

Depending on where you live and your financial status that could be a factor. you are probably living in the projects with no money and no girlfriend. life ain't that bad so GET OVER IT. that's why your an angry black kid. i am also black. don't get mad. (get glad)

nothing, it stays the same, so you say i was angry or whatever

Rhinos can get so very angry and when this happens i think they may charge

A divorce is granted by a court or magistrates. They do not get angry when doing so.

ppl who don't get there answer get very angry so answer them ppl who don't get there answer get very angry so answer them

if you are angry all the time, then it will affect love. perhaps you need some help to discover why you are so angry. love shouldn't make you angry, love should make your heart stop because you are so happy.

You hold the key to why everyone is angry at you. If there was only one or two people angry at you then you may have been misunderstood, but when many people are angry at you there is no way you do not know what you are doing to make them angry. If you do not know how to correct your bad habits that obviously make people angry at you then try talking to at least one person you feel you can approach so they can enlighten you as to why everyone is angry at you.

The brain sends out the signals when you are angry. It needs to bring out energy so you shout.

there is a chemical stimulant in their brain which produces angry nerves and emotions therefore they happen to be permenatly angry head of biological science Bagdad

The AVGN is angry because he hates video games. He obviously does because he criticizes EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. He sucks.

because people think they know him and they really dont which makes him angry

When I got the news that the game was canceled, I was fuming, so angry I wanted to scream!

Eminem aka. Marshal Mathers is not an angry individual. He is an artist at the top of his career.

Angry Birds Is So Important Because It Is An Amazing Game xxx

Yes, but so far it only exists in Angry Birds Seasons.

Angry birds is a free app which you can buy and play. Children love to play angry birds a times so its good to know what children like and if its safe.

you cry because you are angry, you wanna take that anger out. You cry and so the anger comes out with your tears.

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