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Aphrodite was considered to be important in Greek mythology because she helped assist in love. She was the Goddess of love and helped unite various people. For example, she helped unite Paris with Helen of Troy.

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Why is the story about medusa and Aphrodite important to the ancient Greeks?

its so important because thats a part of the conflict of when Aphrodite and Medusa is basicly Aphrodite was jealous of Medusa and made Medusa ugly

Why are relationship so important to girls?

Because Aphrodite says so.

Why was Aphrodite so important to Greece and what made her so important?

Because Greece needed love and beaty

How was Aphrodite important to the Greeks?

Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and Beauty, so many who wanted to be beautiful would pray to her.

Why is Aphrodite important in Greek society?

Aphrodite is important in Greek society because without no love or beauty there would be not much of a poppulation.

Why did the Greeks think Aphrodite was important?

Aphrodite was beautiful, and people asked her for her beauty and for her to help them with their troubles.

Why is Aphrodite important to the Greeks?

She is the goddess of lurrrve ;)

Why is Aphrodite important in mythology?

The goddess of love - who could be more important?

Why was Aphrodite important in the novel The Iliad?

Aphrodite is the mother of Aineas, she protected him during the war so he wouldn't get killed and this led to the Aeneid by Virgil. Also, one of Diomedes deed's was wounding Aphrodite's hand.

What made Aphrodite die?

According to myth, Aphrodite was immortal, so she did not die.

Was Aphrodite in an important event?

Yes, in the Trojan war

Why is the goddess Aphrodite important?

because she is the goddess of love.

Why is Aphrodite very important?

Greek goddess of love !

How were Aphrodite and Artemis related?

In most myths, Aphrodite was born from the sea, so she had no parents. Artemis was Zeus' daughter by Leto. So according to that myth, they are not related. In other myths, Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. So according to that myth, Artemis and Aphrodite were half sisters.

What is Aphrodite remembered for?

Aphrodite was remembered because of her beauty, and she was also remembered because of the love that she spread around people. Aphrodite was a very important goddess. For more info. , search the internet.

Which goddesses were more important?

Hera, Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite.

Why was eros important?

Eros was a type of cupid.... Son of Aphrodite.

What are important words or actions of Aphrodite?

She was stealing peoples husbands

Who does Aphrodite marry?

Aphrodite marries her brother so the gods would stop fighting over her.

How did the Greeks react toward Aphrodite?

aphrodite is there goddess of love so i think preaty well :)

Is Aphrodite a girl or a boy?

I'm pretty sure that Aphrodite was a goddess, so that means she is girl.

How does Aphrodite treat people she cared about?

Well....... Aphrodite wasn't really a nice person so.......

Why did Aphrodite curse Medusa?

it wasnt aphrodite it was athena because she was so beautiful, she got raped.

Does a swan and dove represent Aphrodite?

No, Aphrodite was the god of women so therefore her symbol was women

Was Aphrodite ever a child?

The goddess Aphrodite was born fully grown out of the sea. So, she was never a child.

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