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When the magnetic field is observed from the North pole, the magnetic field emerges and and goes towards south. However, inside a magnet there is no field at all, thus forming butterfly shape lines. Hence, B stands for butterfly and due to this concept, scientists used the symbol B for magnetic induction.

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What will happen to the world if there is no magnetic induction?

if there is no magnetic induction there will be no electricity

What is the difference between electromagnetic induction and magnetic induction?

Magnetic induction and electromagnetic induction are used pretty much interchangably. Magnetic induction is really electromagnetic induction. One of the four fundamental forces in the universe is the electromagnetic force. Not the electrical force or the magnetic force, but the electromagnetic force. And magnetic induction is just another term for electromagnetic induction.

SI unit of magnetic-induction?


What is the causes of electromagnetic induction?

Change in magnetic flux.iechange in magnetic field (B).change in the area vector/ area of magnetic field under the closed circuit (A).The angle between area vector and magnetic field .......xomagnetic flux = cosxo . A . B

What is the difference between magnetic induction and magnetic field?

actually magnetic field is the region around magnet and magnetic induction is the process of using magnetic field to produce current , voltage etc'magnetic induction is basically force per unit length and current. from [fatima ]

How does induction motor start?

induction motor start by magnetic motor

What are the characteristics of induction?

Induction, which refers to induced voltage is related to magnetic field and area. Change of magnetic flux inside a wire loop caused a voltage to be induced or induction. A change in magnetic field or area changes the value of induction. Induction can also be considered a function of the current change rate.

What is a magnetic induction unit?

Setting aside the ideas of the B-field and Lorentz force and magnetic flux, a magnetic induction unit is any device that operates on principles of magnetic induction. Let's do a bit of review. Any time an electric current flows through a conductor, a magnetic field will appear around the conductor. A changing current, and alternating current (AC), will produce a changing electromagnetic field around the conductor. If this field passes through another conductor, if it "sweeps" that other conductor, the magnetic field will induce a voltage in that conductor, and this is magnetic induction. Devices that apply this principle can be called magnetic induction units. Transformers apply this idea, and the primary windings, with their applied AC, will generate a "sweeping" magnetic field that will generate voltage in that secondary. Voltage can be stepped up or down according to the turns ratio. We have transformer action, and it is based on magnetic induction. There are other devices that apply the principle of magnetic induction, and electric motors do this. Motors are in wide use in a variety of equipments and applications.

How you find answers of aipmt2008?

a particle of mass m charge q & the K.E T enters a transverse uniform magnetic field of induction B after 3 sec the K.E of particle will be a particle of mass m charge q & the K.E T enters a transverse uniform magnetic field of induction B after 3 sec the K.E of particle will be a particle of mass m charge q & the K.E T enters a transverse uniform magnetic field of induction B after 3 sec the K.E of particle will be

Magnetic induction unit?


What is magentic induction and an example of magnetic induction?

The magnetic flux density at any point my be defined as the number of linese of magnetic induction passing through a unit area held a right angle to the lines at the point and is represented by the vectore

What is necessary for induction?

For electromagnetic induction, you need a conductor moving in a magnetic field.

How is the strength of the magnetic field at a point near a wire related to the strength of the electric current flowing in the wire?

As current I flows through a wire of infinite length then the magnetic field induction at a distance a from the wire is given by B = 2*10^-7 * I / a The direction of the magnetic field induction will be perpendicular to the plane containing the wire and radius vector. We have to follow right handed cork screw rule to get the direction of magnetic field induction.

What is a magnetic induction unit called?

Answermagnetic flux densityteslas

Why does an iron core increase the magnetic induction ofa coil of wire?

the magnetic domains that become aligned in the iron core contribute to the overall magnetic field of the coil and therefore increase its magnetic induction.

What is the phenomenon in which a current is produced by a changing magnetic field?

We might call it induction, magnetic induction, or electromagnetic induction, depending on what kind of setup we were inspecting. It is the phenomenon of induction that allows a moving magnetic field to cause (induce) current flow in a conductor. A link can be found below for more information.

Electromagnetic induction occurs when?

a conductor is moved through a magnetic field a conductor is moved through a magnetic field

How do you define magnetic induction?

Magnetic induction is the process in which an item is magnetized by an external magnetic field. The force of the fields comes from the poles of the magnet to produce the magnetism. The process is also called magnetic flux density.

What does symbol B mean in physics?

Magnetic flux density, expressed in teslas in SI.

What does magnetic induction mean?

The Processes Of Which A Substance, Becomes Magnetized By Magnetic Fields.

What is a unit of magnetic induction?

Tesla (T).

What is the best way to describe induction?

a) The production of an electric or magnetic state by the proximity (without contact) of an electrified or magnetized body. b) The production of an electric current in a conductor by a change of magnetic field.

Si unit of magnetic flux density?

wb/m2Further AnswerThe SI unit of measurement for magnetic flux density (symbol: B) is the tesla (symbol: T), which is equivalent to the weber per square metre (symbol: Wb/m2).

What is the process by which electric current is generated by placing a wire ina magnetic?

Magnetic induction

Electromagnetic induction occurs in a coil when there is a change in?

Could you specify "coil"? Generally the electromagnetic induction occures due to variation of the B-field (magnetic flux density), variation of the current, I, or a change in the total area in which an electric current span over a B-field.