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Movement conductor, magnetism

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Q: What three things needed to complete magnetic induction?
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What occurs when an electric current is made by a changing magnetic field?

We might call it induction, magnetic induction, or electromagnetic induction, depending on what kind of setup we were inspecting. It is the phenomenon of induction that allows a moving magnetic field to cause (induce) current flow in a conductor. A link can be found below for more information.

Who are hearing loops useful for?

Deaf people, it's an induction coil usually set into things like bank counters which radiates magnetic waves which are picked up by hearing aids.

What three things are needed to have a complete high definition television system?


Why copper is not attracted by a magnetic field if it is a very good electricity conductor?

Because one of two things are needed: 1) Copper would have to be ferromagnetic (Be able to hold a permanent charge). or 2) The magnet would have to be moving (Faraday's law of induction: The EM force created is proportional to rate of change of the magnetic flux) In your example, neither of those conditions are met. Therefore no force occurs, implying no motion occurs.

Can things hover in a magnetic field?

Things that are affected by a magnetic field, such as iron and steel can hover in a magnetic field.

How does a project manager assess the risk of things going wrong and take that into consideration when planning the time needed to complete a project?

1. how does a project manager assess the risk of things going wrong and take that into consideration when panning the time needed to complete the project?

Are pebbles magnetic?

if they have iron or outher magnetic things in them

In what unit do you measure magnetic energy in?

asked this question on yahoo answers and this came up Answer 1 Magnetism generates a force and by itself it is not an energy. You generate energy by letting the magnetic force pull things together. In the same way that a hill is not an energy but if you roll down it you generate energy. To get back to the top you have to put the energy back in. Answer 2 Gauss is the unit of magnetic induction or magnetic flux density. I think this might be the answer to your question, but I am not sure

What is electromagnetic induction?

Electromagnetic Induction mainly deals with the ways that energy is shifted about between Electric and Magnetic fields in various circumstances. Here are some major examples:1. A moving Electric Current Induces a Magnetic field: Electromagnets.2. A moving conductor in a magnetic field Induces an Electric Current: The Dynamo or Electric generator.3. An Electrified Conductor in a Magnetic field Induces motion in the Conductor: The Electric Motor.Related Information:Albert Einstein's considerations of inductance, an Electrified length of conductor moving through a Magnetic Field in an empty volume of space, led him to his theory of Special Relativity.

Compare and contrast magnetism and gravity?

Gravitational fields and electromagnetic fields are different in that Gravitaional fields are dependent on the masses of objects and the electromagnetic field depends on the charges of objects.

What examples are for magnetic energy?

if you get to magnetic things it will not be able to touch together

Does magnesium make things magnetic?

No. Most magnetic objects contain iron.