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they call Big Ben because he is big and they call him Ben because that's his name.

Big Ben, after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was the commissioner of the works for the tower. He was a big man and it was decided to give the great bell a nickname after him.

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Q: Why is Big Ben called Big Ben Why not massive Nigel?
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Is it true that Big Ben in London still called Big Ben?

Yes, Big Ben is still called Big Ben.

How far can you see big ben from?

Well to be honest no one can actually see big ben Because Big Ben is actually a bell that's why you hear the sound. Big Ben is called Big Ben because there used to be a man who was realy fat and very tall so massive used to work at the parlemetory house so they thought it was a good idea to name a bell after him his name was Benjaman Zaspheer.

Is the Great Bell in Big Ben?

The Great Bell is Big Ben ! It is in the Clock Tower which is also called Big Ben.

Is Big Ben part of Scotland?

There is a MOUNTAIN in Scotland called Ben Nevis, but Big Ben is a clock in LONDON ------------------------- Big Ben is actually the bell of the clock.

What is big bens bell called ben?

Big Ben is the nickname of the Great Bell although people now refer to the clock and its tower as Big Ben.

What does mini ben look like on moshi monsters?

mini ben looks like the big clock in england called the big ben so they called him mini ben because he looks smaller

What is the name of the famous big clock in London?

It is called the Big Ben.

How big is ben rothlis?

There is no Ben Rothlis in England or in Scotland (where all the mountains called Ben are found).

Is big ben a frame or a shell?

Big Ben is a very large bell, made of solid bronze. It is in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, which is sometimes incorrectly called Big Ben.

What is famous clock in London?

The name of the famous huge tower clock in London is called The Big ben.

How heavy is Big Ben?

The clocktower of the British Houses of Parliament is often, wrongly called "Big Ben." Big Ben is the nickname of the largest bell in the clock and the bell weighs 13 tons.

What is big bens bell called?

Big Ben is the nickname of the Great Bell although people now refer to the clock and its tower as Big Ben.