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Why is Cape of Good Hope so significant when it is not the most southerly point on the tip of South Africa?

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July 30, 2009 2:01PM

because it is so great that it can kill you It's just the

southern tip of the cape peninsula. A lot of people think it's the

meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, which is actually

also Cape Agulhas (southernmost point). Cape of Good Hope used to

be the Cape of Storms. It's the place also generally where ships

going around the country like from Europe to the east would start

turning eastward (rounding the cape). The name comes from having

good hope of reaching the east. It's the most southwest point of

the country. Has great scenery. One can imagine a ship sailing down

the west side of Africa. It is a long, weary, gruelling journey.

The crew are despondent. One moans that it sure is a long journey.

Then, the Cape of Good Hope is sighted. To them, it's like a light

beacon of hope of reaching the east. Their faces light up, they

cheer. That one says that now they really are on their way to the

east. The Captain asks who'd like to do the honours, to start

turning the ship eastward.

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